Geneve: Do It For the ‘Gram

Whether you like it or not, Instagram has climbed its way to the top in terms of social media site rankings. From mouthwatering foodie accounts to fashion bloggers with perfect outfits, don’t think that you have to have a ton of followers or an endless amount of money to curate your feed into something that reflects the life you love! Here are five easy ways to spice up your Instagram game! And hey, maybe you’re not that into Instagram–nothing wrong with that! Just pick one, mess around, and see how you like it!

1. Get a Lightroom Mobile preset!


I first heard about people buying presets from bloggers. Those can range from $30-$70 for a pack– ridiculous! I resorted to searching the internet and found that you can buy a TON of different presets on Etsy for way cheaper! You can buy packs for around $10 or a single preset for $5. To choose a preset, I recommend going with colors that you like, or ones that create a visual you love. For example, mine is warm toned because I like sunshine and summer, which is kind of what all my pictures look like. I also really like it when I look tan and my hair looks blonder, all of which my preset helps accentuate!

2. Add highlights!


There are endless ways you can choose to categorize your highlights. Personally, I like to do them by location, but a lot of people will choose topics. I also like to choose a cover for the highlight that matches my feed, so overall there is a cohesive aesthetic.

3. Post what you want!


Sometimes, we take so many pictures to get “the perfect shot”. In choosing which one to post, I always go with the one that I feel the best about! It’s okay to ask your friends for advice sometimes, but make sure to choose something that really portrays who you are and let your personality shine through!

4. Create interactive stories!


Instagram stories are a great way to show followers a more “real” version of you! You can post polls, show your bites, and snippets of moments of your life worth sharing. I learned how to add fun embellishments and text effects by following and watching bloggers’ Instagram accounts. Adding color behind words, alternating fonts, and using the pen are all tools that can help you!

5. Make your caption short, sweet, and 100% you!


The last part, and usually the longest part of crafting the perfect Instagram post: the caption! You don’t want it to be too long, you want it to catch people’s attention, and you want it to relate to the photo. I usually like to include something that happened that day, or share a moment that I was making a fool of myself. Don’t be afraid to be silly! People love laughing a little while scrolling through.

With that, go on out there! Make your account 110% you! And let’s connect- @genevelau .

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