MK: The Wonders of LinkedIn: The Hunt for an Internship

In high school I had a teacher who always told students, “It’s not the grades you make, it’s the hands you shake.” When it comes to the internship hunt, I’d have to say they’re right. For me though, it’s been the LinkedIn connections I make. In a meeting with a COM Career Advisor this fall, I was encouraged to reach out to alumni who work in the field I’m interested in.

At first, I thought this may seem odd or too forward, but I thought about how I would personally feel if I were an alumni and a student seeking career advice reached out. Even now, when high schoolers ask to talk to me about my experience in college I love speaking with them and giving any tips I can.

With this, I took to the streets of the most productive social media site and did some searching. In my searches, I found people with mutual connections and alumni that had my dream job. I reached out, to a few people and made the most helpful connections. I can’t overstate how much I appreciate the advice they gave and how much I think they have guided me in the right direction during the internship application process.

LinkedIn’s an easy and accessible resource that has given me the opportunity to connect with people who gave me invaluable advice. You can’t expect a response from everyone, and you can’t expect a job offer — nor should you ask for one. If someone is willing to share their experience and guidance with you, it could help you more than you know — plus, down the road you’ll always have that relationship if you put yourself out there.

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