Sabrina: How to Keep Your Favorite Extracurriculars in Your Life After High School

Heading off to college after graduating high school made me nervous for a number of reasons, one of which centered around the idea of continuing my extracurriculars in a new setting. I was anxious that my new school would not be able to supply me with the opportunities to continue pursuing my passions. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Boston University to find that my anxiety was unnecessary. No matter what extracurriculars you miss from high school, BU will be able provide you with options to continue participating in your favorite fields! Here are my top three examples of how the plethora of BU student activities can fulfill your desires to continue your extracurriculars after high school!

  1. Staying on the stage!

When I left high school my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to keep theatre in my life. I had been performing since I was seven years old, and with graduation, I was leaving the security of high school theatre behind me. Lucky for me, BU has plenty of opportunities for students to be involved with theatre whether through acting, directing, or even tech!

Some examples of BU theatre clubs:

high school musical GIF

  1. Not putting down my pencil.

I wrote for my high school’s newspaper, The Paw Print (shoutout to Norwalk High School), and wanted to make sure that wherever I attended college, I’d have opportunities to write again. BU has an endless list of student-run publications that can be anyone’s outlet for writing on campus!

Some examples of student publications:

Image result for writing gif

  1. Don’t stop moving your feet!

When I was younger I was very into dancing. I tapped for about four years and was incredibly passionate about it. While in high school my dancing career fizzled out, but I still remained a fan of the art form. On top of that, many of my friends were big dancers who wanted to make sure that they could continue dancing after high school. Luckily, BU offers a wide range of opportunities for students to dance! Even beginners can enjoy dancing at BU in any style!

Some examples of BU dance clubs:

Image result for dance gif

No matter what your passions are, you won’t have to give them up when you leave for college! BU is home to an incredibly large selection of clubs that would be more than happy to have you. The question is, which ones will you join?

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