Malaika: When in Boston…

Do as the Bostonians do. Traditions, customs, and festivals – this city has them all.

This Monday, April 15th, was Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon. The return from a 3-day weekend is rough. Your schedule is telling you to “go, go, go,” but your mind is constantly thinking about naps in your cozy room. See, that’s the downside of vacations and holidays. The upside? Well, everything else of course.

Aside from federal holiday observances, Boston has a unique set of traditions you can take part in, if given the chance. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  1. Marathon Monday

I’ll start with the obvious. Marathon Monday is one of the few days in the year nobody minds waking up when the sun rises. Watching the Boston Marathon is a great experience, and Boston University is located at mile 25. The finish line is at Boylston Street in Copley Square.

2.  Allston Christmas

Allston Christmas, the move-in extravaganza, happens every year between August and September, when renters’ new leases begin. As Summer comes to an end, previous tenants leave belongings they can’t bring with them on the streets for others to take for free.

3.  Victory Parades

Boston is a major sports city. This past year, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, and the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. To celebrate, the city’s residents gathered together for victory parades.

4. Holiday Tree Lightings

Seasonal cheer begins with the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremonies in Downtown Crossing, Copley Square, Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, and the Seaport.

5. The Pumpkin Float

Every Halloween, bring your decorated jack-o-lantern to the Frog Pond at the Boston Common for some floating fun. At the pond, an electric candle is placed inside your pumpkin and released onto the water. As you watch your pumpkin pass by, enjoy some treats from local vendors.


6. The Boston Tea Party Reenactment

Every December 16th, celebrate and re-enact the most important event leading to the American Revolution – and enjoy a cup of tea while you’re at it.


7.  St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Dress in green and join the fun. Watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade from the heart of the city, and enjoy the dancers, bands, and entertainers that pass by.

Have fun!
-CA Malaika

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