Anna: Staying Present This Stressful Season

As the days get darker and our workload piles up, it almost seems impossible to stay present. The holidays are near and the season lights flicker, but alas, we have the “dreaded finals” to finish before winter break. Rather than just trying to “get through” finals, we should embrace every moment of this season by staying present! 

Get off your phone and share a smile!

A smile goes a long way. (Some would even say it’s the universal language of kindness!) Next time you’re walking down Comm Ave, look up from your phone and share a smile. You’ll realize that our community is so diverse and that everyone has a unique story to share. Maybe you’ll even run into someone you know. Rememberthis season is not a to-do list, but rather, an opportunity to also uplift others and spread that holiday cheer!

Take time to share your story

I often find students asking “how are you doing?” but a part of me wonders if this person cares how I’m doing. Chances are, they do! Take this moment to connect with others. Rather than just saying “okay,” tell them more about your day! Sharing more of yourself allows you to better connect with others and live in the present with the presence of someone else! 

Approach this season with an attitude of gratitude

An attitude starts with some introspection! Think about this: you’re here at Boston University out of all the places in the world. You survived even the hardest of your days and the days where you didn’t think you’d survive, you made it. That’s pretty amazing. What if you’re exactly where you’re meant to be? Stop thinking about where you could be or what will be of the future, but start living in the present and embracing every moment that your time at BU has to offer. Be thankful for where you are, what you’ve done, and who you are because this is right where you’re supposed to be! 

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