Sophia: Working Out is the Worst, Or Why You Should Join Club Sports

Let’s face it, staying in shape sucks. Sure, you know you should be hitting the gym more, but Boston gets cold! Who wants to walk to Fitrec when it’s 10 degrees out and raining? Exercise is essential for helping to fight off stress and keeping your body healthy though, even if forcing yourself to run is the worst. Fighting off the urge to stay in bed and hibernate in the winter gets so much easier when you have people to struggle with, and that’s where club sports comes in.

Since my freshman year, I’ve been a member of BU’s fencing team. The weekly practices have forced me to commit to spending time getting those endorphins flowin’, and I’ve met some of my best friends through the team. Having a commitment that I not only enjoy, but actually allows me to better myself and my health has been one of the most important parts of my life at BU. Despite all the benefits, so few of my friends in COM participate in Club Sports at BU, and to that I say it’s never too late!

BU has a number of Club Sports and intramural teams for just about every sport imaginable. Whether you’re a fiend on the ice or more into table tennis, there’s a team for you. Many are walk-on, and many give new members coaching so they can learn something new. When the mid-semester blues hit, nothing can bring you back up like the rush of a good work out, and nothing makes you want to work out like good friends. So get out there, try something new (like fencing!), help your body out, and make lifelong friends. Join club sports!


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