Lindsey: Friendsgiving in College

This may be the ideal Thanksgiving dinner, but CA Lindsey says this isn’t the only way to celebrate!

It’s that time of year … the leaves are starting to wilt, the cool fall breeze is becoming more of a numbing slap in the face, and Starbucks has already changed all their drinks from pumpkin spice to peppermint mocha and gingerbread. The best time of year: Thanksgiving time.

Thanksgiving in freshman year is interesting because this is the moment most people realize they are basically already halfway done with their first year of college. There is so much to be thankful for… the fact that you are surviving living in a dorm with a roommate, you are finally starting to figure out the independence thing, and you made friends. This week is the perfect week to show the people you love at school just how much you are thankful for them. So, throw a Friendsgiving!

But, one small problem. You live in an extremely small dorm. Here are four ideas for planning the best first college Friendsgiving:

  • Go out. 

Don’t forget, you are living in Boston, one of the coolest cities in America, that happens to have great restaurants. Surprise your friends and make a reservation at a fun restaurant you haven’t eaten at before (it doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving food). 

  • Order Pizza.  

Yes, pizza. You and your friends probably eat pizza every weekend, but this time, set up a little picnic in your dorm with close friends, order in, and just sit around and catch up. 

  • Have a dessert Friendsgiving. 

Making a microwave Thanksgiving meal doesn’t sound exactly practical. Instead, throw a dessert party; each friend brings a special dessert that everyone can snack on. 

  • Do something new in Boston. 

In college, Friendsgiving can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you are with your friends. Go out and explore a new spot in Boston that you haven’t been to before. Check out a new exhibit at the MFA or go for a stroll in the Boston Public Garden. 

However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving with your friends and family, enjoy it and sleep A LOT this break. You’ll need it for finals week when you get back. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 

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