Emily: My Senior Year Bucket List

Throughout my time at BU, I’ve written multiple versions of my Boston Bucket List and worked through most of the items. Entering senior year, I was pretty confident there wasn’t much left for me in Boston. However, as graduation events and invitations started popping up in my inbox and notification feeds, I thought it would be a good time to rewrite my final bucket list for college. Warning: some of these things you have probably done before (I’m working on it).

  1. Step on the BU Seal


I’m too superstitious to have ever tried this yet, but I can’t wait to jump right on to that seal (and get a picture doing it).

2) Go to Veggie Galaxy 🙂 

200w_d (1)

Veggie Galaxy is undoubtedly my favorite veggie haven in Boston, so I’m adding this to my bucket list. Now when I go, it’s for ~official business~.

3) Actually watch the Boston Marathon

200w_d (2)

Like most BU students, on MarMon I don’t often see the race (truthfully I don’t think I’ve seen it since freshman year). This year, I’d like to give it a shot. If you get up early enough, you can watch the para-athletes, which is amazing! 

Go to a Red Sox Game

200w_d (3)

This is where my warning kicks in. I’ve never actually gone to a Red Sox game, and besides a lack of interest in baseball, I have no good excuse not to go. So this is the big-ticket item on my bucket list (doing it for big papi).

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