CA Steven: How to Dress like a “COM Kid”


When you picture a COM student, many staple items probably come to mind: a jean jacket, a Fjallraven backpack, or even a pair of Doc Martens. COM students have a specific style, and often, COM students eventually adopt this style as their own whether they realize it or not. For this post, I wanted to explore COM fashion and the items you’ll need to fully embrace your inner COM kid.

1) Jean Jacket

Jean Jackets — they’re a COM must-have. Perfect for the Boston cold, jean jackets are great to layer with. A T-shirt, jean jacket, and coat will leave you well equipped for any temperature situation, whether you’re in an uncomfortably warm lecture hall or shivering on the esplanade (bonus points if you have an unnecessary number of patches and pins).

2) Fjallraven backpack

I’ve personally never owned a Fjallraven backpack, but more likely than not you can spot an army of them when walking through the halls of COM. These little backpacks are portable and are the perfect size to carry all the things a COM student needs: an external hard drive, a DSLR camera, and maybe a notebook for class.

3) Doc Martens

Doctor Marten would be proud of the cultural influence he’s had on COM. These shoes are durable, grungy, and show everyone you’re not the typical student —you’re a COM student.

4) Turtleneck with band/film t-shirt

Never underestimate the power of layering. This combo lets you rock your favorite T-shirt while still being dressed for the elements. Use this look to showcase your favorite band or movie and prepare for an onslaught of compliments about your great taste.

5) Dyed Hair/Piercings

When I came to COM, I had no interest in dyed hair or piercings. In fact, my Mom had asked when I was younger if I wanted to pierce my ears or have my hair dyed and I declined. Now, just one and a half years into college, I have an ear piercing and pink (yes, pink) hair. 

While all of these items help, the most important part of dressing like a COM student is finding your style and owning it. Growing up I was never the most confident kid, and the majority of my clothes were what my Mom picked out for me at Target or Kohls. Once I came to COM, I was able to express myself in my own way and discover my style for the first time. As a result, I’ve grown substantially more confident and have found that fashion can be a great creative outlet to express yourself. COM is the most accepting community I’ve ever been a part of, and everyone welcomes you regardless of what you’re wearing.

So, take risks. Rock those 80s windbreakers and chunky Filas. Find your brand and become it. Use your time in COM to discover your style, because there’s nothing cooler than being uniquely you.

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