Josee: Saying Goodbye

A simple thank you doesn’t do this community justice. As I wrap up my time as a COM student, I can only reflect on how indescribable the past four years have been.
In COM, I found a home. I found friends. Most of all, I found my family.
Don’t get me wrong, this is not how I expected my senior year to end. While senior spring will take on a new alternative, I’m blessed recollecting the incredible times I’ve spent at BU.
As a freshman, I made a commitment to make the most out of my college years. I did a lot of the things I had dreamt up as a first-year.
But, all of that is nothing compared to the things I couldn’t expect. I made some life-long friends that I would travel the world with. I stumbled and made
mistakes. I moved outside of my comfort zone while also learning how to say no. I learned how to set my priorities and pursue the things that mattered.
Excuse me as I get a little sappy. But thank you to my amazing peers, my inspiring faculty, my kind advisors and to the people who make this place so special.
As the saying goes “once a Terrier, always a Terrier”. I hope this community and its heart follow you to the ends of the earth. We’ll always be a part of something special.
For everyone with some time left, please take as many moments as you can to take it all in. For my fellow seniors, we did it. Go BU.
For the last time, with all my love,

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