Geneve: How To Stay Fit At Home!

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, you might find yourself cooped up indoors and going a little stir-crazy. Just because you can’t hit the gym or your favorite workout studio doesn’t mean you can’t get your body moving and stay healthy! These are some of the methods I have been using. 
As far as equipment goes, you don’t need anything except your body, but I find that laying down a yoga mat is extremely helpful. If you don’t have one already laying around, there are a ton of affordable options on Amazon, this one even comes with a carrying strap! This one is available for under $10!
I personally also like to use yoga blocks in my practice, so if you have already have some laying around, keep them handy! I love using them to open my heart center more during savasana and also as support in some moves. Again, if you want some Amazon links, you can get a set of blocks here or here! I personally like the way that cork blocks feel better as they are more sturdy, but foam blocks tend to be a more affordable option and easier to carry to and from the studio (when you’re allowed to go again!) 
Lastly, resistance bands are great tools to add a little challenge into moves and there are sometimes even entire workouts based around them! They are super affordable so you don’t have to feel like you’re breaking the bank creating a home gym during this time. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but I like to go for ones that are thicker like these because I like to use them for squats and they’re less likely to break!
One of my favorite coaches at my gym back in Boston, BKBX, Jillian Barnes, has her own fitness brand, Sports Bras Only. Give her a follow and check her “Virtual Workout” story highlight for more info on how to join in on future Zoom classes. I just took one this morning, and it was the perfect wakeup for my muscles! Classes are conducted via Zoom, and the killer workout music is still there! The class is a $10 donation via Venmo, but she has posted a great circuit workout with resistance bands on her personal Insta that you can try here!
BKBX also has a schedule of Instagram live classes that you can view on their page here, completely free of charge! They range from Foundations to yoga, and are offered by all of their coaches from either the Allston or Williamsburg location. Follow them and give them some love and maybe try a new type of workout class you never thought about trying before! 
My favorite yoga instructor back home here in Boise, Nola Mandels, started doing Zoom yoga classes a few times a week. You can follow her Instagram here where she often posts the schedule for the week before, and the link to the Zoom class is in her bio! She doesn’t charge for these classes which is so gracious of her, especially during this time where our fitness coaches are hit the most as gyms aren’t allowed to stay open! She tries to keep the classes accessible for everyone so most of the time no equipment is needed besides a mat, a small blanket, and a few pillows to use as bolsters!
Another one of my favorite yoga instructors, this one from Down Under School of Yoga in Boston, has her own Youtube channel found here. Her practice is focused on fire breathing and other techniques of breath and I’ve always loved my classes with her! She posts a variety of her full classes on Youtube so that you can follow along at home!
Lastly, a friend told me that the Down Dog app is free for teachers and students until July 1st! The app lets you choose what type of yoga practice you’d like, the duration, any boosts (flexibility, back strength, etc.) and the length of savasana for a custom routine. Just make sure you sign up with your .edu email! 
If you’re more for the circuit workouts, Cali Fuller has a ton of workouts that are easy to follow along on her Instagram page. Recently, she’s shared a TON of at-home workouts, some with household supplies as weights, or no equipment at all! Or, if you want to get creative, she has two great couch workouts, here and here!
Maybe you’re on a time crunch. Or you want to get a little sweat in between your Zoom classes. Check out these two 5 minute workouts! You’ll feel the burn and you won’t even believe that the time is up when it’s called! I found these two through one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, Viviane Audi. Each morning, she posts the online workout she is following along in a swipe-up on her story, and they’re always fun to follow along with! 
I hope that you find a workout routine you like, or try something new! During this time it can be so easy to just nap all day and do Zoom classes, but it’s so important to stay in a routine for both your physical and mental health! Stay hydrated! 

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