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Whether you’re at home, back at school, or taking time off this semester, one thing remains the same for everyone: the “new normal” has been a tough adjustment. In times like these, it’s normal for everybody to have a lot on their minds. Therefore, practicing self-care is essential no matter where you are.

Since everything has shifted online, I want to suggest some virtual ways to keep up with your mental health. Staying in all day can take a toll, but there are some awesome resources out there to help relieve cabin fever. I’ve rounded up my top four apps for meditation, self-care, and mental health.


Headspace is an awesome meditation app that can serve as a relaxing escape from your daily routine. It has countless meditations that are just a few minutes long, which is perfect for anyone who might feel too busy to make time for meditating.

The app also has group meditations and exercise-focused meditations that will get you moving in a mindful way. The best part? BU students get a Headspace membership for free with their Kerberos login. 


Breathe is a personal favorite of mine. This meditation app is super personalized, greeting you with a check-in page upon opening the app. It asks how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally, and then recommends it meditations for you.

Most of the meditations are under ten minutes, so they’re easy to squeeze into your day. They have meditations that range from a full-body check-in to a guide for getting a good night’s sleep, so you’re sure to find something that interests you.


I love Happify because it’s not only engaging, but also fun to use! The app provides activities and games that are scientifically proven to reframe negative thoughts, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety. The app is customized, asking about your intentions in order to provide you with the best activities for your mental state.

Yoga & Meditation by Glo

Many people love to do yoga as a mindful activity because it allows you to stay active both physically and mentally, and because it is easily doable from home. This app is great because it personalizes your yoga experience based on what you would like to focus your practice on (strength, balance, core, etc). There are tons of different classes in both yoga and pilates. This one does have a membership fee of $18 a month, but the first 15 days are free!

I hope you found these four apps helpful for practicing self-care virtually. In these uncertain times, remember to make time for your mental health. The most important thing right now is keeping yourself happy and healthy!

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