Nick: The Best Places Near BU To Escape Your Room

The Best Places Near BU To Escape Your Room

My Production Professor, Mary Jane Doherty, often talked about her Thursday walks in the afternoon, referring to them as constitutionals. The term comes from England, the dictionary definition reads: “a walk, typically one taken regularly to maintain or restore good health.”

A new semester has started and this pandemic has yet to give in. With regulations and anxiety keeping me inside, I’ve been feeling a little claustrophobic.

*praise BU for their well run testing system to keep my sanity every time I sneeze or cough at the dust collecting in my room*

I realize that in order to maintain my mentaI health I will need to venture into the outside world, in spite of Boston’s harsh winters, and take a constitutional. So bundle up tight, here are The Best Places Near BU When You Need To Escape Your Room.

The Esplanade

There’s something very pacifying about staring at a body of water. I’m not sure if it’s the consistency of the waves lapping against the shore, or the ocean’s vast indifference to your presence, but it’s nice to sit and watch the waves. If you cross one of the footbridges along BU Beach, you can walk (or run) right along the water. There’s some lovely foliage and some not so lovely geese, but they’re worth the trouble.

Amory Playground

What Amory lacks in size, in makes up for in character. Amory Playground, commonly referred to as Amory Park, is in the middle of Brookline, a neighborhood close by BU. It’s got beautiful architecture: old brick houses and stunning brownstones. The park itself is a beautiful, wide space with a short nature walk. Spaces like these help remove me from my own head.

Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 1.15.01 PM

Riverway/The Fens

This is for people who need a long walk. The Fens and Riverway are part of The Emerald Necklace – a string of parks around Boston and Brookline. The winding path, accompanied by the river, is the perfect place to get lost in a podcast or a new playlist while your feet carry you to Leverett Pond In Olmsted park. The hike is worth it!


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