Megan: You Can Do It! Mid-semester Tips

Merry Midterms! I hope you’re staying warm and keeping it cool as we approach the middle of the semester. 

New Year’s Resolutions great, but I find myself a less “put together” towards the middle of the semester. During the pandemic, it’s easy for even the most organized students to find themselves in a pit of unfinished assignments, unresponded to text messages, and undesirable sleep schedules. 

So with that in mind, here are a few ways you can nudge yourself back on track.

  1. Get a Not-So-Scary Planner

My biggest grievances with planners is the dates. If I forget to use it, I feel bad that I’ve bought something that’s going to waste. When I’m in the paper pressure cooker of January 2021 – December 2021, I feel bad on my messier days.

However, I’ve found a solution – get an undated planner! I didn’t know these existed until recently but now that I have mine, I’ll never turn back. For example, this one from

You add in the date you want, fill it out the night before, and use it the next day. If you forget to plan a day or even a week, no worries! It’s your schedule, not the planner’s.

  1. Get Some Sleepy Headspace

I know, every COM newsletter and that one kid in your psychology class told you to use Headspace. But I’m here to talk about the best part of Headspace: the sleepy part.

With every passing day, my sleep schedule gets crazier. Sometimes I go to bed at 6 am and sleep until noon. Other time I fall asleep on my desk at 8 pm. But a consistent sleep schedule is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

However, if you’re a real insomniac like myself, falling asleep is easier said than done. Headspace’s sleepcasts and music are the perfect way to lull yourself to sleep and as someone who’s tried most other sleep methods, I can guarantee a wind down playlist will help you reset your sleep schedule.

  1. Schedule Weekly Friend Hangouts

During the pandemic, it’s become increasingly difficult to respond to texts and make plans. Having people in your life is important, but remembering that isn’t always easy. 

Instead of worrying about constantly scheduling, schedule it once and call it done. Pick a day when you and your friend/significant other are free, make a plan, and pop it in your Google calender. Then you don’t have to worry about those pesky text messages, because you know every Tuesday night you’re going to Netflix party with your pals and every Friday afternoon you’re going to suburb walk with your buddies.


These tips are good, bu above all else, remember YOU are your top priority. Self-care comes in all forms. Sometimes that means cooking a healthy meal. Sometimes it means laying on the couch all day eating and listening to Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo on loop. You are unquestionably the most important thing in your life, so remember that when the going gets rough.

Take care of yourself,

CA Megan

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