Mira: Guide for Remote Learning

Hey everyone!! CA Mira here! Now that we are almost a month into the spring semester, I wanted to check in with y’all! Online classes and remote learning can be HARD, but I am PROUD OF YOU for getting through it!!

In case any of you lovely people are struggling a bit with your classes this semester, here are four tips that I have picked up over the last few months that have really helped me to succeed while studying remotely!


Since you’re at home, it’s more important than ever to categorize your spaces, otherwise your entire house will feel like a place to do work- and you don’t want that. I always do my zoom classes in my room (at my desk) and that way I feel like I’m able to separate school and work! What’s nice about doing all your classes in one place is that if there is ever a day where you feel really restless, you can do your zoom classes somewhere else for just that one day, and it kind of tricks you into thinking that you’re doing something new!


Being at your desk for a long time can really hurt your body and strain your eyes! Go outside and get some fresh air between your classes! It’s such a game changer and will really boost your mood! Even when I’m not feeling it, I’ll still drag myself outside before or after class (even for a minute) and I’ll be really happy I did!


Zoom has a private chat feature- USE IT! Trust me- you’re going to regret not befriending your classmates when you have an assignment due at midnight and you have no idea what on earth the prompt is asking you to do. It’s a lot harder to make acquaintances over zoom, but it’s important to have a friend in class that you can reach out to if you need help!


I know that when you have a class that starts at 2pm, it’s easy to want to sleep in for a couple more hours, but hear me out on this! I have found that it really helps me to wake up every single day at the same time AND to wake up at least half an hour before my classes start. Don’t get me wrong, I have most definitely had days when I simply rolled out of bed at 8:59AM to get to my 9AM class, but every time I did that, I found myself feeling groggy and zoned out during the lecture. Not fun, and not productive. Do yourself a favor and make sure your body is on a sleep schedule that gets you up out of bed and TRULY ready for your day!

Anyway, that’s all for now but I hope you find these tips helpful and that you use them to make online classes a little more bearable! YOU GOT THIS and good luck this semester!!

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