Nick M: A Definitive Ranking of the BU Dining Halls

The Dining Halls: Ranked By A SENIOR WHo LOVES Food & Lacks a Dining Plan.

As a senior, and I guess technically almost an adult, I often find myself longing for the availability and structure of having a dining plan, and access to a dining hall. However, not all dining halls are created equal. BU has four open dining halls at the moment, so here is my ranking of the four open dining halls on BU’s campus. dan-gold-4_jhDO54BYg-unsplash

  1. Coming in LAST PLACE is the “Fresh Food Co. at West Campus.” To be completely honest, this is probably my least favorite because I’ve eaten here the least; I’ve never lived in/near West. That being said, I don’t think I’ve had a memorable meal here either. Perhaps a pasta carbonara here or a slice of pizza there, but nothing that sets it apart from other dining halls.
  1. In third, we have Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons – commonly referred to as Hillel. Granby offers lots of Vegan and Kosher options, and they’re always fresh and delicious. I so enjoyed their vegan pizza that my group of friends named a group chat “Vegan Cheese.” On top of the fresh food, you get an excellent view of the Charles river and a less travelled dining hall for a more quiet and intimate meal.
  1. Marciano Commons, also known as Baystate Dining Hall, has without a doubt the most pleasant atmosphere of any of the dining hall’s on campus. Wide open spaces with plenty of natural light make eating here feel relaxing and rejuvenating. My favorite food from Baystate was always the fresh fried cod sandwich. It was always deliciously crunchy and the tartar sauce was perfect.
  1. This may stir some controversy, but I really like Warren Dining. There’s certainly some nostalgia leftover from living seven floors above it freshman year, but the mainly I enjoyed many meals there. From build-your-own mac n’ cheese and burger stations, to larb and tofu bahn mi’s from the “Asian Wok Station” I’ve usually left Warren feeling satiated. It’s also incredibly convenient: next door to the COM building and CAS and literally underneath the second largest non-military dorm in the country. Warren is my winner.


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