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This is my final (that’s right, FINAL) semester here at Boston University, and to be honest it is bittersweet. While I am sad to leave the place I called home for four years, I am also excited to begin life in the “real world!”

However, the real world is often stressful, especially in the field of communications where there is not quite a job cycle to follow. It can be incredibly stressful to watch students secure jobs after graduation when you are still searching for leads. That being said, I also think it’s incredibly important to manage that anxiety and try to enjoy the final stretch of college. Thus, I made a goals list to combat my fear of missing out on all the fun and hopefully relax while my job hunt begins! Here are some general ideas around which I’ve made my goals, and you can use them as guides for yourself, too 🙂


This is the biggest stressor on my mind right now: will I have a job when I graduate? Well, we all hope that we have one, but hope needs to be turned into action. As graduation approaches, I am trying to manage my application process to avoid cramming by the end of the semester, and I would recommend you do the same! If you’re applying to a million jobs near the end of the semester, I can almost guarantee the applications will feel too overwhelming and monumental to complete. So create a spreadsheet, keep track of applications and start applying early! 

Social Life

As important as it is to apply to jobs and look ahead to life outside of the school routine, it is also important to focus on the now. This is my final semester in my undergraduate career, and I want to savor every single moment that I can! Make plans with your roommates and friends while you still live a block away from each other. Go watch a BU hockey game and experience the chanting, loud and loveable student section right next to the band. Make reservations and explore the city of Boston while you are here, as I promise that the city has more to offer outside of Newbury Street (lol).

Self Care

Self care is the most important thing to focus on when things get stressful, yet it is often (at least for me) the most neglected. If you are anything like myself, you tend to cram as much into your schedule as possible. While I did do this in prior semesters, I plan on taking a break from some activities to focus on myself. Making myself quality food, watching YouTube videos and exercising when I can are major ways that I try to relax. I even signed up for a rock climbing course in FitRec to destress once a week. Find activities that bring you peace and try to include some of them in your weekly routine. You will feel less stressed, I promise 🙂


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