Nick M: Ranking My Previous Blog Posts (Most of which Have Been Rankings)


(most of which have been rankings)

Going into my eighth and final semester at BU also means entering my fifth semester as a COM Ambassador. While I won’t miss being shocked that my blog deadline has suddenly approached, I will miss the small creative outlet the blogs provided me.

That being said, let’s do the least creative thing possible to wrap up my blogging experience: repurpose old content! I hope this nostalgia blast brings me some emotional catharsis and some entertainment. 

Here is my ranking of my old COM blog posts.

  1. Three BU Related Movies to Watch In Quarantine.

This one gives me bad vibes for many reasons, the first is in the name: “quarantine”. I made this list sitting on the floor of my living room, deep in my feels… because I was in quarantine. I don’t want to dwell on this part of my life anymore, so let’s move on.


I wrote this one last semester. As a first semester senior, I think I was projecting a distinct longing for caretaking onto my blog. Cooking for oneself can be fun and delicious, but it’s an adult activity, and adulthood is scary. My main takeaway is: I wish I still had access to prepared food.

  1. The Best Places Near BU To Escape Your Room

I like this one because it offered some physical escape from the trappings of going hybrid, as well as mental escape. Walking still helps me refocus and destress and there are plenty of great places to walk around campus.

  1. What I Gained From Being On-Campus This Semester
  • This blog was a means for me to share one of the most positive experiences I had in the midst of a pandemic and presidential election: covering said election. BUTV10’s The Vote went on to win an Emmy, but that award indicates the passion that I experienced being part of the project. It was a fulfilling experience that reminds me of the multitude of reasons why I love this school.


You’re probably thinking “Huh? This is too meta for a student ambassador blog.” You’re right. However, this is a list of ALL my blogs, so it’s gotta be here. It only receives an honorable mention because it doesn’t offer anything new, just nostalgia and graduation goggles.

Thank you to anyone who ever read these posts, and to anyone I may have crossed paths with while at COM. I am truly grateful for this wholesome experience.




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