Brady G: 22 Opinions from a ‘22 Graduate

22 Opinions from a ‘22 Graduate

I feel old.

I’m graduating in three months, so I’ve been around BU for a long time. This campus has been my neighborhood for four years, and I’ve covered every inch of it. I’m like a Terrier textbook. A BU buff. A Comm. Ave. connoisseur. I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

In my advanced age, my final wish is to share my wisdom so future generations can benefit from it. Upon my graduation, here are my takes on several of the most important debates at BU.

Best Residential Area:

Winner: South Campus

I can’t pretend to know what every building is like, so instead, I’ll evaluate the neighborhoods as a whole, and South Campus is my favorite. It’s a 20-minute walk away from anything, but still feels like it’s outside the “BU Bubble.” Plus, it’s close to three different Green Line branches.

Runner-Up: Bay State Road

On the border of BU, Back Bay, and the Charles River, Bay State Road is like South Campus; always within walking distance, but a quiet alternative to the main stretch of campus.

Honorable Mention: West Campus

West isn’t best, but it cracks the top three thanks to its proximity to the athletic facilities and its “classic campus feel”. If it wasn’t so far away, the Fenway Campus would be here instead.

Best Dining Hall:

Winner: The Fenway Campus

I have to give some love to the Fenway Campus, and the dining hall is its best feature. In my year at the Campus Center and Student Residence, I went to this dining hall so many times and never got tired of it. The food is good, it’s rarely busy, and it’s still very new. It’s worth the walk.

Runner-Up: Warren Towers

I will always have fond memories of the Warren Towers dining hall, where I spent many meals as a freshman. It has a good variety of food and seating, and great views down Comm. Ave.

Honorable Mention: West Campus

Once again, West earns a spot on the podium. It’s a slightly worse replica of its counterpart at Warren, but it’s still better than Marciano Commons. Who wants a dining hall with two floors?

Best Study Spot:

Winner: 100 Bay State Road

After dissing the dining hall downstairs, I’ll make up for it here, because the Yawkey Center for Student Services is a perfect place to study. There are individual rooms for use throughout the upper floors, and they all look out on the Charles River, Kenmore Square, and Fenway Park.

Runner-Up: The StuVi 2 Study Lounge

On the top floor of a high-rise, this might be one of the coolest study spaces across the country. Any seat near a window is valuable real estate — Just don’t let the views of Boston distract you.

Honorable Mention: Top Floor of the Photonics Center

This place is a bit of a hidden gem, so let’s try to keep it that way. That being said, if you can get a seat here, you’ll be treated to a quiet study experience with views that rival those at StuVi 2.


Best Non-Dining Hall BU Restaurant:

Winner: George Sherman Union

It’s an easy decision. Especially after the recent renovation, the GSU is new-and-improved and offers so much variety, whether you want a fresh salad from Greens and Grains, a filling sandwich from the Charles River Bread Company, or whatever you call Panda Express.

Runner-Up: Fuller’s BU Pub

If you’re 21 or older, the BU Pub is a fun place to go that makes you forget you’re on a college campus. I don’t even drink and I like it there, which should tell you everything you need to know.

Honorable Mention: Raising Cane’s

I’ve heard whispers that Cane’s is overrated, and fine, maybe the simple menu can get tiring sometimes. But, when you have a craving for chicken, fries and toast, Cane’s never misses.


Best Non-BU, On-Campus Restaurant:

Winner: T Anthony’s

We’re running out of iconic BU restaurants, with the closing of T’s Pub a couple years ago. Thankfully, T Anthony’s still delivers a classic on-campus experience with good food at any hour of the day (or night). Check out all the photos on their walls while you’re waiting for your order.

Runner-Up: University Grill

Maybe I’m riding the high of finally discovering this place after years of walking past it, but UGrill has impressed me with its efficiency, prices, and quality. It’s a go-to stop for a snack or a meal.

Honorable Mention: Zinneken’s Waffle Truck

In an unprecedented move that is sure to raise eyebrows everywhere, I am including the waffle truck on this list. When the Zinneken’s truck pulls up in front of COM, you absolutely have to go.


Best Place to Watch a Game

Winner: Agganis Arena

I came in with my doubts about Agganis, but after spending a few years around college hockey, I have been converted. Even if it lacks the character of older arenas around the region, you can’t take for granted the amenities, the presentation, and that precious reliable arena Wi-Fi.

Runner-Up: Walter Brown Arena

Even if I’ve grown to prefer the younger hockey venue a block away, Walter Brown Arena is the quintessential college hockey experience, which I love. It’s outdated, it’s cold, and it’s awesome.

Honorable Mention: Fenway Park

Can we claim Fenway Park to be on BU’s campus? I didn’t realize how close Fenway is to BU when I first got here, but as I’ve learned, you can’t beat the ten-minute walk to a Red Sox game.


Best Historical Location:

Winner: Nickerson Field

To a sports nerd like me, there’s something so cool about the Nickerson Field bleachers being a part of Braves Field, built for professional baseball more than a century ago. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the ballpark, and I love having a piece of baseball history right here at BU.

Runner-Up: “Automobile Row”

Many of the buildings down Commonwealth Avenue, including the College of Communication, were once car dealerships. You would never notice it, and I think that makes it more interesting.

Honorable Mention: Kenmore Square

I’m pushing the boundaries of BU’s campus again, but I think Kenmore Square counts. As a popular spot to photograph, it’s evolved so much over the years, and only continues to grow.


Best School:

Winner: COM

It’s COM, and there’s no competition. You didn’t think I could finish my last COM Ambassador blog without getting a little sentimental, did you? COM is where I found my best friends, learned what I want to do for a career, and made countless incredible memories. From the moment I arrived, I never doubted my choice of school or University, and I think that sums it up best.


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