Hannah Y: Best Places to Travel to on Massachusetts Public Transport

Best Places to Travel to on Massachusetts Public Transport 

I grew up in a place notoriously devoid of efficient public transportation (thanks for that, Southern California) — so you’ll imagine my amazement when I first learned about the vast reaches of the MBTA. 

Silly as it sounds, I couldn’t believe how many different places in the Greater Boston area I could easily take Massachusetts public transit to. Many Charlie Card refills and Commuter Rail weekend passes later, I still haven’t stopped exploring what Massachusetts public transport has to offer. 

With that said, here are a few of my favorite places to take MBTA to: 

Fresh Pond (Cambridge) 

At the far end of the northbound red line is Fresh Pond, a hidden gem of a park just 10 minutes away from the Alewife T stop. The park is oriented around a giant reservoir, with a 2.25 mile walking loop surrounding the water. Dog enthusiasts can spot pups of all shapes, sizes and colors at the pond’s dog beach and grassy lawns. There’s also a golf course adjacent to the water if you’re looking for a local spot to tee off. 


There are few places more beautiful than Ipswich’s Crane Estate and Crane Beach along the North Shore, which are located a short bus ride from the Ipswich Commuter Rail station. The highlight of the estate is the 56,881-acre mansion on the property’s hill that overlooks the ocean. Visitors can take a tour of the house, peruse the estate’s rose gardens and lawns, and end the day with a trip down to Crane Beach at the far edge of the property.   

Natick Mall

The Natick Mall isn’t quite as scenic as some of the other locations on the list, but hear me out — the retail behemoth is a sight to behold for anyone unfamiliar with the area. The mall offers a wide array of shopping and dining options, including all-time mall classic California Pizza Kitchen, a personal favorite. The mall’s lineup of entertainment options isn’t lacking either, with Level99, a challenge-based recreation center, and Dave & Buster’s on the list.  

Cleveland Circle 

Cleveland Circle is the final stop on the C leg of the green line, leading riders right to the base of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. The Reservoir itself is a great place for a power walk alone or with friends, and the nearby Cafe Landwer and Eagle’s Deli are two solid spots to refuel afterward. The best part? If you head down the C line to Cleveland Circle in the fall, you’ll be treated to scenic views of colored leaves and old-timey apartment buildings for much of the ride.


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