Julianna: How to Stay Sane

Now that it’s the middle of September I’m sure you’re already on your way to becoming a pro at this thing called college. Getting aimlessly lost in CAS and misjudging when to stop in Starbucks before class…that was so last week. Calenders begin to fill up as clubs and organizations reconvene for the school year and professors announce important test dates. As the semester rolls on your time management skills will most likely be put to the test. Speaking for myself I dove into my junior year with a full (maybe overflowing) plate: classes, part-time job and an internship. Here are three tips on how to stay sane and manage your time wisely when you are at your busiest:

1. Planner = Life

A little organization goes a long way. Go all out with different colored pens to represent all your priorities, highlighters and sticky notes. Thumb through those syllabi and mark down future deadlines and exam dates. I refer to my planner at least 2-3 times a day to see that I am accomplishing everything I need to, and to remind myself what I have in store for the next day.

2. Try your hardest to not fall victim to procrastination

We all do it. We’ve all been there. You’ve got a paper due in t-minus 12 hours, endless reading, but you can’t seem to pry your eyes away from social media or the TV. Install Self Control on your computer and turn off your phone. If the latter is just to difficult to imagine then try this: I like to set 1-2 hour increments solely fixated on doing work, and when the time is up, I reward myself with 10-15 minute breaks. Another great way to avoid procrastination is to try to get work done in between classes and at awkward off-hours rather than saving everything for nighttime. Scope out some study spaces on and off campus like Marciano Commons and Espresso Royale Cafe.

3. Find one thing that calms you

Do yourself a huge favor and carve out the time to do something that brings you inner peace, such as taking a run a long the Charles, reading a magazine rather than a textbook or meditating. For me I’ve found unexpected pleasure in walking to and from 1019 and East Campus, especially in the mornings when I put Drake on full blast.