Dany: Must-Follow Twitter List

Hello everyone! Hope these last few weeks of the semester are going well. Hard to believe we’re almost done with the fall semester. I hope your classes have been going great and you’re adjusting to the COM life flawlessly. In my opinion, the most important part of this lifestyle is being ridiculously fluent in social media. So to help you guys along, I decided to make you a short “Must-Follow” list of BU-related Twitter handles. You should already be following @comugrad, @DeanSaboSays, @COM_Ambassadors, and me of course, @danyvasquez_. So who’s next?


Self-explanatory. Whether you want to brag about how great BU is, get the word out about an event, or just give a shout-out, you definitely want to be following this Twitter. They give updates when things are happening on campus, re-tweet student groups, and even ask you some fun questions every now and then.


Probably the most popular BU Twitter. Speaking from a PR student perspective, they are a great example of how to use social media to improve customer service and satisfaction. They are extremely responsive and up-to-date with everything going on. As an example, my friend and I went to Rize Late Night a few weeks back and had a terrible experience. We waited over an hour for fondue and when it finally came, it was basically a layer of oil with a murky chocolate base. We tweeted a picture of it to BU Dining Services and got a response within seconds. They apologized, talked to the manager, and invited us back for dinner on them. So, even if their many constant tweets get annoying sometimes, it’s definitely worth it to follow and interact with them.


Named Activities Info, this Twitter is like the GSU Link. It knows everything about every student event going on throughout campus. Whatever organization you’re involved with, you’ll definitely want to make sure you follow them and they follow you! It’s a great way to spread the word about events or meetings. They re-tweet student groups, give shout-outs, and keep you updated. So no matter what you’re involved with, make sure you follow them so everyone at BU knows it too.


Our very own Dean of Students is super active on social media. Whether it’s cheering on our Terriers at a hockey game or Instagramming the first snow of the year, you can bet he’ll be tweeting about it non-stop. He also shares really interesting articles or information about a variety of subjects. Sometimes, he’ll even tweet back at students and join in conversations. A lot of student groups use him to help spread the word about events or even invite him to come!


Again, pretty self-explanatory. Whether you’re following hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, rowing, or any other sport, this Twitter’s got you covered. They’ll tweet about score updates, game times and any changes, shout-outs to exemplary student athletes, and just general BU pride. There’s no better way to keep up with the Terriers.

BU is an extremely social media oriented university. It’s one of the things I love the most about it. This is only a glimpse of all the BU-related Twitters out there. There’s hundreds when you consider all the amazing student groups, and thousands when you consider all the individual students, faculty, and alumni. It’s an incredible network and as a COM student, it’s the best way to hone those skills and always stay up to dated with everything going on. This list skims the surface. It’s up to you now to dive in.


Anna: The Howard Thurman Center

Anna ImageLet me first join my fellow COM Ambassadors in saying congratulations to all the admitted students of the class of 2016! I hope I get or already got the chance to meet you all at one of our open houses.

If there is anything I hope you guys will gain once you come to college in the coming months, it’s the capacity to challenge your brain. I know it sounds simple and super cheesy, but expanding your mind is really what college is all about.

Thankfully, here at BU, you can think big even outside the classroom.

The Howard Thurman Center (HTC), Boston University’s amazing place for all things culture, is always offering a way to think beyond your usual thoughts about what to have for dinner tonight or which free app to download.

For example, every week, our Dean of Students hosts a Coffee and Conversation in the HTC. Basically, you get delicious free coffee and baked goods and you get to discuss ideas surrounding topics that range from the meaning of love to the impact of terrorism. I’ve never left a coffee and convo without learning something new about both someone else and myself, and I challenge you to do the same when you get to campus in the Fall.

Coming up in the next couple weeks, though, the HTC is hosting an even bigger event about ideas!! BU Inspire: Rethinking the End is happening on April 29 at 2 pm in the Tsai Performance Center.

Modeled after the incredibly popular TEDx talks, BU Inspire aims to get together a group of different minded people to discuss the same topic. This year, the event will revolve around different ideas about how the world as we know it might end. With students, alumni, faculty, and community members on the panel, the discussion should be a lively event that will get you thinking about the apocalypse! Woo!

Each year the HTC puts on a different BU Inspire, so don’t worry if you aren’t around for this one. You can always catch next year’s, or maybe even be one of the students on the panel yourself.

Kate: PR Advanced: Unleash Our Generation Recap

Kate ImageThis past weekend, I partook in PR Advanced, an annual conference hosted by the BU Public Relations Student Society of America as a participant and a member of the planning committee.  Each year we bring together 200 students from across the United States (people came all the way from Ohio and Louisiana!) for a keynote speech, breakout sessions, a career panel, and a career fair.  Our keynote speaker this year was unfortunately snowed in and unable to make it to the conference.  But there to save the day were Kenneth Elmore, BU Dean of Students, and Professor Steve Quigley, PRSSA 2011 Educator of the Year, to fill in, offering students advice on where to take their careers.  In this day and age, students have many options after graduation:

  • Agency vs. Corporate
  • Corporate vs. Government vs. Non-profit
  • B2B (business to business) vs. B2C (business to consumer)
  • Start-up vs. Established Company

And with so many options, PR students must understand the importance of culture and finding a niche where they feel comfortable.  These motifs continued throughout the day.  In the start-ups breakout session, BU alum Kris Ruby shared her story.  Knowing her strengths and the market, she decided to take advantage of the changing field and started her own social media and PR firm.  Tom O’Keefe a.k.a. Boston Tweet and Joseline Mane, co-founder of Boston TweetUp, shared how they are using social media to further their careers.

After lunch, student attended a career panel with representatives from across the field of communication.  Brandi Boatner, an external relations professional at IBM, showed that B2B communication can be just as exciting as traditional B2C.  And Mike DiSalvo (probably my favorite speaker of the day) from Ogilvy reminded students to have fun in an interview because that’s when you know the culture is a right fit for you.

Ending the day was the career fair.  With a company as small as Ruby Media Group (four employees) to Burson-Marstellar, one of the largest international PR firms in the world, students had the opportunity to find out where they fit into the market.

As the career fair coordinator for the last two years, I have come to understand the importance of attending conferences and networking events like PR Advanced.  Public relations is an ever changing field and the best advice you can get doesn’t come from a text book, it comes from the professionals who are in the thick of it all.  And the business cards and potential future opportunities don’t hurt either.  I highly suggest all students taking advantage PR Advanced in the future.

pr advanced