Life across the pond has been transformative. When you hear the words ‘Study Abroad’ don’t shove it off, instead embark on the experience.


1. The classes are extraordinary. Students are taught by spectacular instructors with a wealth of experience and credibility. Who ever thought 4-hour classes could be enjoyable?

+For my core journalism course students were granted the opportunity to visit the broadcast powerhouse for class.


2. The residential areas are phenomenal. To say the least, American posture and volume has undergone a transformation.

Oh, I live 15 minutes away from the royal family. #PrinceGeorge

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3. Tea time is the best time- happens everyday.

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For once you can enjoy life without constant Facebook usage or data consumption.

Lets be honest who really wants international charges.


4.  The theatre scene is surreal- you never know who you’ll run into. I purchased a ticket to see a production at Royal Court without prior knowledge of the cast.

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5. Studying abroad offers a chance for students to immerse themselves in the culture of a foreign land, get lost, travel, eat yummy food, network, and create memorable moments that will last a lifetime. DO IT!

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Sad to leave London but excited to rejoin Terrier Nation!




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Dany: Must-Follow Twitter List

Hello everyone! Hope these last few weeks of the semester are going well. Hard to believe we’re almost done with the fall semester. I hope your classes have been going great and you’re adjusting to the COM life flawlessly. In my opinion, the most important part of this lifestyle is being ridiculously fluent in social media. So to help you guys along, I decided to make you a short “Must-Follow” list of BU-related Twitter handles. You should already be following @comugrad, @DeanSaboSays, @COM_Ambassadors, and me of course, @danyvasquez_. So who’s next?


Self-explanatory. Whether you want to brag about how great BU is, get the word out about an event, or just give a shout-out, you definitely want to be following this Twitter. They give updates when things are happening on campus, re-tweet student groups, and even ask you some fun questions every now and then.


Probably the most popular BU Twitter. Speaking from a PR student perspective, they are a great example of how to use social media to improve customer service and satisfaction. They are extremely responsive and up-to-date with everything going on. As an example, my friend and I went to Rize Late Night a few weeks back and had a terrible experience. We waited over an hour for fondue and when it finally came, it was basically a layer of oil with a murky chocolate base. We tweeted a picture of it to BU Dining Services and got a response within seconds. They apologized, talked to the manager, and invited us back for dinner on them. So, even if their many constant tweets get annoying sometimes, it’s definitely worth it to follow and interact with them.


Named Activities Info, this Twitter is like the GSU Link. It knows everything about every student event going on throughout campus. Whatever organization you’re involved with, you’ll definitely want to make sure you follow them and they follow you! It’s a great way to spread the word about events or meetings. They re-tweet student groups, give shout-outs, and keep you updated. So no matter what you’re involved with, make sure you follow them so everyone at BU knows it too.


Our very own Dean of Students is super active on social media. Whether it’s cheering on our Terriers at a hockey game or Instagramming the first snow of the year, you can bet he’ll be tweeting about it non-stop. He also shares really interesting articles or information about a variety of subjects. Sometimes, he’ll even tweet back at students and join in conversations. A lot of student groups use him to help spread the word about events or even invite him to come!


Again, pretty self-explanatory. Whether you’re following hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, rowing, or any other sport, this Twitter’s got you covered. They’ll tweet about score updates, game times and any changes, shout-outs to exemplary student athletes, and just general BU pride. There’s no better way to keep up with the Terriers.

BU is an extremely social media oriented university. It’s one of the things I love the most about it. This is only a glimpse of all the BU-related Twitters out there. There’s hundreds when you consider all the amazing student groups, and thousands when you consider all the individual students, faculty, and alumni. It’s an incredible network and as a COM student, it’s the best way to hone those skills and always stay up to dated with everything going on. This list skims the surface. It’s up to you now to dive in.


Steph: The Power of Twitter

Steph ImageWhen I first heard about Twitter, my initial thought was, “So its just a website dedicated to Facebook status updates. That sounds really dumb.”

I was extremely skeptical about how great Twitter was. I swore I would never get one. That all changed once I got to BU. It quickly became clear to me that everyone and everything at BU had an online presence, especially on Twitter. This realization was also amplified as a COM student, where communication is everything.

So, I caved. Even though I had made one months before, I rarely went on it and never updated. I started following more and more people and things, and was introduced to the wonderful world of Twitter.

Contrary to my original belief, Twitter is not only a place for people to post pointless updates about what they were doing. There is so much information at your fingertips, including tips about all the cool things that are going on around Boston and BU.

As a prospective Film and TV major, I follow the Film and TV department on Twitter (@BUFilmTV). At one point last semester, their Twitter updated that Professor Jaramillo was going to be giving a lecture on the topic of Race in Mad Men. As an enormous fan of Mad Men, I grabbed two of my friends and headed over to the African American Studies House. The lecture was so interesting and thought provoking, and it ended up being one of my favorite things that I did last semester. Without Twitter, I never would have known about it!

Twitter is such a great resource for information. If you don’t already have an account, definitely consider getting one. You never know what you might find!

To get started, here are a few BU accounts that are extremely helpful:

Boston University: @BU_Tweets

BU COM: @comugrad

COM Ambassadors: @COM_Ambassadors

And now for some shameless self-promotion, follow me at @StephSemet!