Abby: Family Visits

This past weekend my mom was in Boston.  She was in town for a National Science Teacher convention, but she had plenty of time afterwards to visit.  I had so much fun being a tourist with her.  We went on a Duck Tour and saw a Red Sox game, ate dinner in Harvard Square and did some shopping on Newberry.  During her stay some logistic problems kept coming up so I wanted to share our fixes so when your parents visit it will be a great visit.


1. Have your family or visitors stay in a different area than your dorm.  My mom stayed at the Park Plaza.  It was great because whether we were around the hotel or by my room in East Campus and needed to drop something off, use the restroom or just rest we had a place to go.


2. Decide where you are going to stay while your family is here.  The first night my mom was here we had dinner and then went our separate ways.  Which was hard to do because we just wanted to catch up and visit, but I hadn’t packed an overnight bag so I had to go back to my room.


3. On that same note, if you do decide to stay with your parents make sure you pack everything. Since I’m from Florida, my mom doesn’t have a winter coat so she borrowed one of mine as well as a scarf and gloves.  We kept forgetting things in my room that we needed at the hotel or vice versa.


4. Take advantage of being away from campus.  Having your parents here is a nice excuse to unwind and escape from the stress of classes and campus.  (At the same time though don’t forget important due dates.  I did a little bit of homework in advanced so I could have a weekend “off”.)  Enjoy going to sights and restaurants you may normally not go to during a normal weekend.  My mom and I had fun exploring Cambridge and the Waterfront.