Alexa: Five Reasons Why I Love Fall

Coming from California, I have become accustomed to two seasons…

1. Summer

2. Not summer.

Luckily, moving to Boston, I have been able to experience the four wonderful seasons, fall being one of my favorites. Here are five reasons why I adore the fall season.

  1. Pumpkins. From carving pumpkins to drinking pumpkin spice lattes, I love that fall gives me a legitimate reason to want to go to the pumpkin patch and order pumpkin infused drinks even though I just had coffee two hours before.
  2. Foliage. For parent’s weekend my dad flew out and we drove out to Vermont and Maine where we were able to catch the last of the fall foliage. Seeing the changing colors of the leaves may sound boring but it is actually breathtaking.
  3. Changing Colors at BU. BU in the fall time is a magical thing. Actually, I’m pretty sure if I visited BU during the fall during my senior year I would have applied early decision instead of regular. The warm weather, plus seeing the leaves fall is too lovely for words.
  4. End of baseball. Beginning of football. While I love baseball, as a Dodger fan, I am always ready to put the mediocre season behind me and look forward to the boys of fall. Disclaimer: I am a Raiders fan, so there’s not that much to look forward to, but still the thought is nice.
  5. Weather. I have to say that the weather during the fall is probably the best out of the year. While it might rain once or twice the weather usually stays in the mid 60-degree range and it’s the perfect time to explore the beautiful city of Boston.

I love fall, but the good news is that when the leaves fall and the weather gets cooler and the Raiders start losing more games that means Winter is coming, and the holiday season in Boston is not one to miss.