Amy: Productivity Placement

After a semester of college one thing I’ve learned is that it’s really important to study somewhere that helps you be productive. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have to get a big paper done,  only to be distracted by your surroundings for a solid two hours.

  • For some people that means heading to the library where it’s quiet and everyone around you is studying or getting work done too. Mugar is a great environment for people who really thrive in that atmosphere, plus if you get bored of your surroundings the Boston Public Library is just a few T stops away.
  • Similar to the quiet library but not quite as immense are the top floors of StuVi2, Kilachand Hall (known as Shelton to many students), and the 6th floor of 100 Bay State. These are quiet rooms where many students go to study, and they’ve got gorgeous windows that give you a great view while you work.
  • Personally, I choose to opt out of the library whenever possible and head to cafes and coffee shops where there’s a slight buzz of conversation and music, but nothing too distracting. The environment is relaxing, but not so silent I feel like every sound I make is resounding through the room. On campus, Pavement, Starbucks, or Blue State Coffee are great options for cafe setting study areas. During finals week they’re especially popular for group study sessions! Another favorite of mine is the Thinking Cup Coffee Shop on Tremont St. because even though I’m still studying, I feel like I’m getting away from the campus hustle on Comm Ave. (plus it’s right near the park).
  • Another great, albeit seasonal, option is studying on the esplanade looking out at the Charles River. If you can resist the urge to lie back and daydream, the esplanade is a great stress-free study spot in the spring and fall!

Wherever you go, the only requirement is that it should be right for you! Don’t force yourself to study somewhere that doesn’t work for you. Everyone’s got their preferences, and sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and try out someplace new. All you have to do is grab your laptop and textbooks and go find your spot!