Katherine Hollander’s latest published poems

More lovely poems from Katherine Hollander (Poetry 2006)–three of which you can read online! We’re proud to report that some of the work that she did as part of BU Creative Writing’s annual painter/poet project has been published in The Common Online. The project pairs BU poets with BU painters so that they may create collaborative work. The painter with whom Katherine collaborated was Alla Lazebnik (BU MFA 2012).

Also, Katherine’s poem “Der Anfang” has been published in Literary Imagination.

Her poem “The Apartment” was published in Hunger Mountain.

And finally, Sugar House Review has chosen Katherine’s “Poem” –originally published in SHR in summer 2012–as the first to be read and heard online in their new series “The Sound of Sugar.” (Visit the website to hear “Poem” in Katherine’s own voice.)

Katherine Hollander has published poems in Slate, Literary Imagination, Hunger Mountain, and elsewhere. She is a PhD candidate in modern European history at Boston University.

Congratulations, Katherine!

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