Coffee On My Mind (and In My Cup)

The Huffington Post recently published an article, “11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day,” highlighting the benefits of regular coffee consumption. The article was based on a collection of past studies.

As an avid coffee drinker myself, I couldn’t help but be excited at the prospect of my favorite beverage actually being good for me. It turns out, the writers at HuffPost and I see eye-to-eye on this coffee issue.

According to The Huffington Post:

1. Americans get more antioxidants from coffee than anything else.

2. Just smelling coffee could make you less stressed.

3. Coffee could lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

4. Coffee is great for your liver (especially if you drink alcohol).

5. Coffee can make you feel happier.

6. Coffee consumption has been linked to lower levels of suicide.

7. Coffee could reduce your changes of getting skin cancer (if you’re a woman).

8. Coffee can make you a better athlete.

9. Coffee could reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

10. Drinking coffee could help keep your brain healthier for longer.

11. Coffee may make you more intelligent.

This is great news, considering that finals are fast approaching. When times are tough, I know my coffee will be there to motivate and energize me for a long day. It’s gotten me through midterms, finals, and every paper in-between.

A nice cup of coffee motivates me to get to class in the morning and provides an easy way to stay in touch with friends, among other perks.

Too much of a good thing, though, is never a good idea. Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic and read up on how much is too much.

In the meantime, fellow fans, I say, Keep Calm and Drink On, Coffee Lovers!

Rebecca Shinners is a Student Ambassador for the Center for Career Development and Educational Resource Center

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