The Night Before Finals

Twas the night before finals, when all through BU

Every creature was studying, staying up way past two

The notes were highlighted, the flashcards were made

In hopes that professors would curve final grades


The students were restless,  sitting in their chairs

While images of “F’s”  caused them to pull out their hair

Professors with their Scantrons and the TAs to grade

And once they’re turned in–all they can do is pray


The students were stressing, for they did not know

The ERC study tips that they should soon follow

The note-taking tips and how to manage your time

Are available for free! They don’t cost a dime!


But of course, dear reader, you know much better

Because you come to our workshops, you’re a real go-getter!

So you’ve learned our tips, and you’re taking them all

And we know that you’ll pass all your finals this Fall.


The library has become the hottest club in town

Students pile up in every cubicle around

The air in the place is filled with finals-week gloom

And students can’t wait until they get back to their rooms


Now head on back and get a good night’s rest

Because 7-8 hours of sleep will help you pass your test

You can study when the sun’s up and the morning knocks

Just make sure that you study in 2-hour blocks!


Time for a study break and a quick trip to Rize

Because meals are important, no matter the size

So make sure to eat, and take a deep breath

Because stressing too much won’t help you pass that test.


The day has finally come and you’re feeling prepared

As your classmates gather around the class looking scared

You finish your test. Sweet success, you can taste it!

Since you used ERC tips,  you know you just aced it.


And now finals are over and you get to relax

It’ll be quite a while before you come back

And we’ll be here at 100 Bay State, crying out with glee


Sera Idoko, Allie Gressler, Mike Parello and Dee Patel are Student Ambassadors for the Center for Career Development and Educational Resource Center, and this week, they’re also poets.

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