Laura: I Made an Instagram Account to Share What I Love

This summer I wanted to put my summer break to good use and find a new way to relax… without using Netflix. I know, crazy right? During the school year I find myself extremely busy with assignments, activities, and friends that I have no time to indulge in a great book. Therefore this summer I chose to read as much as possible and set a goal of reading 10 books. In 2016 I had only read 4 books for fun, so this was going to be a major adjustment and slight challenge. I ended up passing my goal. I read 15 books in just one summer. I made a plan to read every day and somehow worked my way through books of various styles and genres. Often times when I would finish a book I would post a snapchat on my story and because of this a lot of people started to notice how often I was reading. 

My friends would text measking:

“Can you recommend a book to me!?”

To which I always replied: 

“What kind of books do you like?” 

Followed by a list of 10 books I think they might like. 

I was receiving these texts about three times each day…

Due to this, I decided to start an Instagram where I could post the books I love and the books I am currently reading for my friends to look at and get recommendations. Within one month of starting the account I have over 120 followers. While I am walking on Comm Ave people constantly stop me to talk about books or my Instagram account. If I never started the account, a lot of people would not have known about my love for books and wouldn’t have been able to reach out to me about it. 

To my surprise I still receive many texts from my fellow students telling me about books they just read OR about their experience reading one of the books I recommended on my account. My point to this is if you’re interested in something: share it! Chances are you will inspire others to share their interest and you will also find common ground with many new people.

If you’re looking for a book right now these are the top 10 books I am constantly recommending: 

  1. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
  2. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
  3. From Scratch by Allen Salkin
  4. The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy 
  5. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  6. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult 
  7. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky 
  8. Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave 
  9. A little Love Story by Roland Merullo
  10. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley 

Follow my Instagram account @lauras.library to see my posts throughout the year!

Frank: Summer Jams Come and Go, But Please Don’t Replay Despacito

Hey what is up guys, Frankthony Hernantano here, and I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: I really did not keep up with songs this summer. Like at all. So, we’re going to fix that right here, right now. With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, I think it’s time to listen to the summer anthems of 2017 one last time before the cold makes us forget. Now, since I personally don’t know which songs were the top summer hits this year, I asked a couple of friends back home to come up with a list. Here are my first impressions on the top 5 summer songs of 2017 (as picked by two pretty cool dudes in Puerto Rico):

  1. Calvin Harris feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, and Big Sean – Feels

Off to a great start since I’ve actually heard this one before! Calvin Harris’ newest album, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, is filled with bangers like Slide and Heatstroke, but the only song that really encapsulates the summer is this one, Feels. Harris’ funky beat, mixed with Pharrell’s angelic voice, and Katy Perry’s excellent delivery on the chorus almost make me forget how out of place Big Sean feels in this song. Like, the guy takes all the momentum and energy of the song and just ruins it with this deadpanned rapping. Big Sean aside, this is one heck of a summer jam. Hearing it gives me some feels.

  1. Fifth Harmony feat. Gucci Mane – Down

Remember when Fifth Harmony was on the X-Factor? How cute and innocent they looked singing their hearts out to Miss Movin’ On? Well those days are over, say hello to a new Fifth Harmony (now with one less member). Down really doesn’t sound good: the obnoxious drums, the nonsensical lyrics, and the incessant finger snapping. The beat gets worse when Gucci Mane starts rapping; it literally just starts over-blasting for no reason. It sounds like your run-of-the-mill pop song that you hear at parties. I’m definitely not down with this song.

  1. DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne – I’m The One

I was honestly expecting to hate this song but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a catchy song and the beat ain’t half bad. Unlike Down or Feels, all the featured artists in the song really add something interesting to the track. Bieber’s chorus is infectious and will get stuck in your head all day. Quavo, Chance, and Wayne’s verses are fresh and smooth; their distinct voices really help give the song form and variety. This is one heck of a banger. In fact, you could say it’s the one.

  1. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Like This

Now I only have one problem with this song, and it’s that I feel like I’ve heard it before. I swear I remember hearing this song last year or something, but that can’t be true since this track was released this year. It’s a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I just can’t beat. Other than that, the song’s pretty good. Coldplay’s vocals go hand in hand with The Chainsmokers’ instrumentation and the song’s lyrics are pretty sweet and cute. I wish more songs were like this.

  1. Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee – Despacito

Oh, you knew this song was coming. I knew this song was coming. Despacito is… a time. Apart from Feels, this is the only other song in the list I’ve heard before. This song was so overplayed back home. I’ve heard it so many times that now every time I hear those guitar strings at the beginning I get nausea. Nevertheless, I can’t deny it’s a pretty decent song. It has a pretty catchy tune and great singing. It’s an okay song, if you just hear it once or twice. About the tenth time you hear it, you’ll without a doubt start hating it. (I don’t know how to add despacito into a sentence without it sounding weird, sorry)

And with that our list comes to a close. But the summer of 2017 didn’t just have 5 songs, tweet me at @EfrainIsFrank with any other summer track I didn’t talk about in this blog post, and I’ll give you my first impressions on it! (But please, no more Despacito. I’m so done with Despacito.)

Samantha: Off campus cooking: Recipes that are great for both your wallet and your palate.

Living with a dining plan can be lots of fun — unlimited servings of your favorite BU dishes, dining points to spend at your leisure and, of course, no dishes.

However, dining plans are sometimes excessive, expensive and not worth having if you live in an apartment. As a vegetarian, I also found myself having a hard time finding hearty meals on campus.

This year, I moved into my first on-campus apartment and therefore cook all my own meals. My roommates and I love cooking together and trying out new recipes, which makes each night exciting and fun. Although Gordon Ramsay never replied to my tweet asking him to judge our meals, I’d say we’re doing pretty great so far. The vegetarian meals we like to cook are healthy, inexpensive and require little-to-no prep!

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Homemade ramen (serves two)


  • Miso paste
  • Ramen noodles
  • Sweet corn
  • Bean sprouts
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Enokitake mushrooms
  • Two soft boiled eggs (marinated overnight in soy sauce and water)
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Green onion


  • Sautee bamboo shoots, mushrooms, kale, carrots, bean sprouts and onion in a saucepan
  • Cook the noodles in miso paste
  • Serve immediately and garnish with egg

2. Roasted veggie bowl (serves three)


  • Kale
  • Sweet potato
  • Carrots
  • Instant rice
  • Sriracha


  • Cube sweet potato and carrots, roast at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden
  • Sautee kale in garlic powder, salt and pepper
  • Microwave instant rice, top with vegetables
  • Add sriracha to taste

3. Sweet potato “nachos” (serves two)


  • Sweet potato
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Black beans
  • Shredded cheese
  • Cilantro


  • Slice sweet potato into thin discs
  • Drizzle with olive oil, add salt and pepper, roast at 350 degrees until crispy
  • Add tomatoes, beans and cheese, put back in oven for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Garnish with cubed avocado and cilantro to taste

Laurel: What I Learned Traveling Alone During Study Abroad

This past summer I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Of course, I made great friends and got to know the various people in my program, but I also wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and do the things I wanted to do even if it meant I…dare I say it… did it alone. But, this isn’t going to be a ground-breaking post about the beautiful ways I found my “real” self and explored the depths of my personality while growing like a butterfly grows out of their cocoon. Instead, I’m going to tell you that it is and isn’t all it’s cracked up to be all the time.

 1) It is a learning and growing experience

When you venture out on your own, in a place you have never been or are unfamiliar with it can be intimidating, but you will learn a lot about the place, the people and yourself. As cliché as it sounds, the time to yourself to explore a new place will lead you to also explore yourself. This can be anything from building your confidence in asking people for help, getting comfortable with the ever-dreaded eating alone, and learning or expanding your limitations.

 2) It’s not always all it is cracked up to be

 You can go on the internet and read thousands of posts just like this one. The main difference will be every post glorifies traveling alone. In reality, things may go wrong, you may get lost, you might miss a train and you might come home wishing it went differently. That’s when the personal growth kicks in and you have to force yourself to look at the positives. That’s easier said than done, just like it is easier to travel with a buddy rather than alone because maybe that means you don’t get lost or you have someone else to blame when you do. Regardless it may not be sunshine and roses, but odds are there were moments of clear skies and at points you could smell the roses.

3) You may feel lonely and that’s okay

(If you are ever feeling too lonely while traveling solo, find an animal to feel instantly better)

Sometimes when we are surrounded by friends and company it becomes easy to forget how comfortable that makes us because it feels like second nature. So, when we venture without our comfort blanket of company, it can be jarring. It’s okay to walk around and feel lonely that you don’t have anyone to talk to. Similarly, it is okay to sit at a restaurant and feel a little blue that everyone around you is joking and laughing with friends. It is in that moment that we can appreciate the time we spend with friends and also push ourselves to be more open and outgoing.

4) You will do what you want on your own time and that is freeing

This is possibly the best part of traveling alone—you are on your own time. That means you can see what you want when you want and don’t have to compromise your plans to adjust to someone else’s. Go eat where you want, however much you want and be happy that you have the freedom to do so.

5) You will slow down

When you go alone and have the downtime of eating by yourself and walking without someone to talk to, you would be shocked at how much more you see. Whether that be observing the people, places or both, when you slow down, you will gain a whole new appreciation for the place you are in and that is what you will cherish most.

 6) It will be humbling

When you go through all of the ups and downs of traveling alone, it becomes a humbling experience. You gain more appreciation for your friends, you respect the place you are in, and greater appreciation for every other person you see traveling alone.

7) The biggest challenge will be finding a person to take that cute not candid but candid photo

Enough said. It’s always awkward to ask a stranger to take fake candid of you “exploring a castle” or “laughing with a latte.” Sometimes you get lucky and find the other solo traveler willing to take your picture if you take theirs, but there is no guarantee. So, if you want pics to prove it you have to suck it up and ask… especially if you’re like me and want to prove you found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

8) You are 1000x more likely to meet people and connect deeper

 When you travel alone and go to restaurants or cafes it makes you way more approachable to the locals than you would be with a group of people. This opens the door for you to connect with people and learn about them in a way you would never be able to before. The only caveat is you have to put yourself out there to get anything in return.

Traveling on your own can be the most challenging, yet personally rewarding experience you have. Do not be afraid to experience the highs and lows to learn about yourself, the city and those around you.

Lauren F: Money or Memories: Advantages and Disadvantages of Graduating Early

When I moved halfway across the country to a new city where I knew no one, I wasn’t scared as much as I was excited by the prospects of new opportunities and experiences in college. I was excited to learn new things, meet new people, and make new memories.

The financial aspect of college, however, looms over all of these bright aspirations like an ominous dark cloud. Instead of being a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed freshmen like so many of my peers, I spent several sleepless nights pondering and calculating student loans, interest, and debt as a whole. This dark cloud was so formidable, in fact, that it convinced me to graduate early.

I came into college with several AP credits, enough that I was already more than a semester ahead at the get-go. Feeling high and mighty already having a quarter of my Gen-Eds under my belt before the first day of school, I was ready to charge through these last few years of school and get to starting the next real phase of my life: adulthood (a.k.a. getting a job).

Now bring in the big, dark cloud. I began to consider the possibility if I made that semester — which I had planned to just take extra classes to learn more about the different facets of journalism — into a whole year. The amount of money I would save was immense, especially if I took summer classes at summer school to knock out the remainder of my Gen-Eds. Taking the better of me, I went through the process of finishing my Gen-Eds, and am currently working on my major during my technical junior year, despite it being my second year on campus.

While some may believe that graduating a year early just brings you even closer to the light at the end of the tunnel, it also forces you to be mindful that your time here is limited, so much so that you have to take advantage of every chance and opportunity you have here. I’ve never been one to enjoy going to school and doing homework, but I did love the subject matter I would learn through the classes I took. I loved the friends I made who helped make long lectures more bearable. And I especially loved that all of the things I was learning contributed to me to being a better journalist.

Nonetheless, as the saying goings, “Learn to stop and smell the roses once in a while. You never know what you’re going to miss.” I do have a full year to come, not to mention a pretty nerve-wracking senior year, so I constantly have to remember not to get ahead of myself. I have plenty to do and plenty left to experience, and I’m glad to say that I’m not wasting any minute I have left on campus in Boston before I spend my last year abroad. I’m an editor for the Daily Free Press, an on-camera reporter and production assistant for BUTV10, and even a percussionist in the BU Marching Band.

I currently live with some of my best friends, and we host fun dinner parties and study nights every once in a while when we feel particularly shut in with just the three of us. In the past, I’ve gone on day trips to high-powered New York City and unassuming cities like Providence, Rhode Island and Port Clyde, Maine.

Don’t think I skipped out on exploring the city that we’re already residing in; I’ve already spent the last year and few weeks of school exploring inch of Boston from end to end, so much so that I can honestly say that I genuinely consider Boston my home away from home.

To put it briefly, if you’re considering graduating early, all I can offer is contemplate what you want to value from your college experience. If four years is enough time for you to get the most out of this experience, then absolutely go for it. For me, someone who’s eager to create a name for myself, three was just long enough, driving me to never take my time here for granted.

Despite how close I am to graduation in comparison to my peers, college isn’t nearly as over as it seems. In fact, I think the experience is just only beginning.

Alex: Last Semester Bucket List

Before I left for my spring semester abroad last year, I thought it would be a good idea to be a proactive student and make sure I was on track to graduate on time. Instead, I found out that I would be able to graduate an entire semester early– NOT what I expected at all. After hundreds of frantic texts to my parents and friends, I decided that the pros of graduating early outweighed the cons in my situation. Though I would risk missing out on some of of my favorite Boston spring events (Marathon Monday and a 22nd birthday with my friends won’t be the same at home!), the amount of money I would save and the extra time to figure out post-grad plans significantly appealed to me. I sent in my graduation application a few days later and began to mentally prepare myself that I was officially a senior.

Fast-forward a few months– I’m back in Boston and finally hitting the realization that I have 15 weeks left in Boston (but who’s counting?????) and realizing that there are so many more things that I have to fit in before graduation. So naturally, as the compulsive planner that I am, I’ve decided the best way to live out my last undergraduate semester with no regrets is to create a last-semester Bucket List. Whether you’re also a January 2018 graduate or a freshman looking to discover new things in the city, here’s a list of my must-do’s in Boston.

1.Go to an After Midnight screening at Coolidge Corner Theater

2. Eat one final BU Platter from Warren’s Late Night Kitchen

3. Walk along the entire Charles River Esplanade

4. Spend an entire afternoon in the Boston Common with no school distractions

5. Visit the JFK Library and Museum (this one’s for you, mom)

6. Eat a Lobster Roll (I know, I’m embarrassed too that this hasn’t happen yet)

7. Watch a Red Sox game from The Bleacher Bar

8. Eat a pretzel from Harpoon Brewery

9. Visit Salem for Halloween

10. Watch a show at Improv Boston

11. Have a beach day at Revere Beach

12. Make a homemade Italian meal with ingredients from Eataly.


13. Eat from every vendor at Quincy Market

14. Finish an entire mozzarella stick pizza from T. Anthony’s

15. Take a Boston Duck Tour with no shame (the most difficult in my opinion)

While I’m excited to start a **real, adult, professional life** after graduation, I’m sad to leave the city that I’ve called a second home for the past three years. I can’t wait to make the most of this semester and make it the best yet!

L.E.: Reflecting as a Senior

I just started my senior year at BU, and like most seniors, I’m starting to reflect on the journey that led me to this very moment. In just 3 short years, my life has changed more than I could have ever imagined.

After a very thorough search for Film and Television schools that would help cultivate me into the person that I wanted to be after graduation, I decided to apply to Boston University early decision. Coming from a suburban town in Orlando— amiably called Celebration—not a lot of students from my High School choose to go out of state for college. But, I knew that I must venture out of the sunshine state in order to achieve my dreams of someday working at a comedy show at NBC in New York.

I am incredibly blessed that my parents supported me to no end (but that fact that BU provides Financial Aid made them more comfortable with the fact). A day that feels like yesterday, December 13th, 2013, the day I was accepted to BU, changed my life forever. It also helped that Beyonce dropped an album that day WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE.

I’ll be brief with what happened throughout the next few years. I made a lot of new friends. I got heavily involved with COM and other groups on campus. I got a radio show with my best friend. I said goodbye to friends that moved away. I joined a sorority. I traveled the west coast. I fell in love. I moved in with my best friends. I took classes that changed my perspective on the Television industry. I fell out of love. I got to experience a bunch of different internships. I lost a few friends. I gained new mentors. I watched my life be threatened in an accident. I learned how important it is to ask for help. I learned that I am surrounded by the most amazing support system at BU. My family struggled through very difficult hardships. I persisted when I was facing extreme difficulties that were not in my control. I learned that I can’t control everything. I watched my big brother graduate and follow his dreams. I moved into my first apartment. I felt like I lost myself. I persisted to follow my dreams. I made many more friends. I thought that love trumps hate. I felt let down. I studied abroad in Los Angeles. I watched history happen before my eyes. I got to work at one of the best shows in day time television. I made new friends and new mentors. I dealt with health issues. I lived in a studio apartment in NYC with two of my best friends from home. I shared an air mattress for an entire summer. We had a dog for part of it. I struggled financially. I cried and celebrated with new and old friends. I strived to learn more about life and my future. I persisted.

And now here I am, starting my senior year, realizing how lucky I am to have lived a life with both tragedy and beauty. And each day, learning something new about the world and the people I am surrounded by. For the past 6 years, I have to strived to live each day with this quote from Mandy Hale in mind, “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” Yes, I am going in television because it is my greatest passion. However, what fuels my love for the outlet is its affect on people. Television brings light, laughter, information and stories to people all over the world. It provides an escape for people like me, that need to take a break from reality every once in awhile. I am so grateful for the people and the opportunities that I have been given in my life that have led me to where I am today. And when I look back at the years—though hard and tragically beautiful they might have been—I wouldn’t change a single thing.

In just two weeks, I am starting my dream job in NYC and embarking on a journey that will change the rest of my life. It will be difficult, it will be stressful, it will be eye opening, but it will also be beautiful. I am still awestruck at my dreams finally coming true. But now, I can say very confidently that you too can make your dreams come true if you remain persistent, no matter how life treats you, and remember that there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. I believe in you, so I hope you do too.

 Me on September 13th, 2013— right after I got my acceptance—in front of the building I will be interning at in 2 weeks.

Me on September 13th, 2013— right after I got my acceptance—in front of the building I will be interning at in 2 weeks.

 This is me and my best friend Zach, we met at freshman Orientation in 2014 and we’ve remained best friends through the years. Zach, thank you for being the best friend I could have ever asked for. You have saved my life, both literally and figuratively, and for that I will always be grateful.

This is me and my best friend Zach, we met at freshman Orientation in 2014 and we’ve remained best friends through the years. Zach, thank you for being the best friend I could have ever asked for. You have saved my life, both literally and figuratively, and for that I will always be grateful.

Emily: How I Made Boston My Home

Last year, when I arrived to Boston, there was a lot going through my mind. I was excited to be in a new place, but also nervous. I didn’t know anybody, and my parents were basically dropping me off in a random city that would be my home for the next four years. After freshmen year, I left thinking of Boston as my home away from home. So, I’m going to give you some tips on how I made Boston my Home.

1) Finding a good coffee shop/study spot

This might sound silly, but finding my go-to coffee shop was a game changer. I would hang out there when I didn’t want to sit in bed, my friends and I would go and hang out there in between classes, and sometimes I even got some work done in there. Pavement was basically my Central Perk last year, and I quickly became a regular there.

2) Getting into a routine

Not as exciting as coffee, I know, but finding a routine may be one of the most important pieces of advice I can give. Although it might be boring, having a daily routine is comforting. There are so many unsure things in the beginning of college, so knowing how you spend your time during the day will give you some sense of relaxation.

3) Explore!

The only way to make Boston feel like home is to know the city! Getting out and exploring is one of the reasons I chose this school; there’s so much to see and do! Plus, once you get out and see the city, you’ll find your favorite places to go back to. Once you know Boston, it starts to feel like home.

4) Join Clubs

I can easily say that joining clubs and getting involved on campus was the single most important thing for me last year. Meeting people with similar interests (like all the CAs) instantly made me feel better. I also joined WTBU, which is my favorite club on campus. Surrounding yourself with great people in great clubs not only makes you feel at home, but it also helps make the BU community feel a little smaller and more welcoming. Being involved on campus makes me so happy, and I know it will make you feel good too!

Claudia: There’s nothing like summer (internships) in the city!

Ahhh… Summer break. Long gone are the days of sitting by the pool, ice cream cones, sleep-away camp, and summer reading. Summer break for COM students means incredible internships in cities all over the world ON TOP OF all the fun quintessential summer activities. 

I spent the summer interning at DigitasLbi in their Chicago office. Not only did I get to work at a global and just plain cool agency, I got to spend my last summer (I am a senior… How did that happen?!) at home, which was the icing on the cake. 

As the New Business intern, my responsibilities included developing internal competitive analyses for potential clients, creating client repositories that focused on media headlines, assisting in creative briefs and the designing of pitch decks. My team was amazing (shout out to my manager Heather!) and they really trusted me with big time responsibilities. I was so happy that my coursework at BU had really prepared me for all the surprises this real time agency threw at me. I felt extremely prepared and felt like I fit in immediately! (Thank you Prof. Cakebread and AdLab!) 

In addition to my departmental responsibilities, the internship program at Digitas included two intern projects. The first was to our internal company life team and my group created Destination: Digitas, a study abroad type program where employees could work abroad at any of Digitas’ global offices! This was so much fun and I got to collaborate with interns from various department. 

The second was a loyalty pitch to BP. You read that right… We, the interns, got to present a full campaign to an executive team from BP! That was a crazy, but rewarding experience as I got to work on a higher stakes project and practice my professional presentation skills. And by the end of the 10-weeks Digitas trusted us enough to work with the client. That’s pretty unbelievable! 

Digitas had an incredible summer too. By the end of my second week, the agency won the Creative Data Grand Prix at the 2017 Cannes Festival for the Whirlpool Care Counts campaign (check it out here). This was a HUGE deal and the team that won was actually based in the Chicago offices, so naturally we celebrated for four weeks. 

In addition to the amazing experiences within the office, the interns got to go to a Cubs game, tour the Google Chicago offices, visit other top Chicago agencies like Leo Burnett and Ogilvy, and overall, just have a great summer of work and play! 

Thank you Digitas for a summer I will never forget! 

Next stop senior year.. And then the real world! 

Check out this sick view from Google's roof! Also my amazing boss lady friends :)

Check out this sick view from Google’s roof! Also my amazing boss lady friends 🙂

Destination: Digitas also included a boarding pass and passport that had additional information on the program!

Destination: Digitas also included a boarding pass and passport that had additional information on the program!

My amazing BP Blossom team!

My amazing BP Blossom team!

Ethan: Iconic School Movies to Help You Get Through the Semester

Hey, everyone. It’s time to go back to school! You may not be excited as me, and that’s okay. I compiled a little list of school-related films that I love to help get you in the mood.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast Times is an iconic film (to most of your parents (probably)). It’s an essential ‘80s film, and it has inspired many other movies primarily with a great stoner-esque performance from Sean Penn and the infamous pool scene with Phoebe Cates. The way the film portrays high school and life around it aims to be realistic while humorous, and it ended up as a classic.

Dazed and Confused

Dazed is the first of three Richard Linklater films on this list. It takes place on the last day of school one year in the ‘70s, and it focuses on a slew of main characters as they navigate the beginning of their summer vacation – for better or worse. Linklater’s films are almost always character-driven, and it made out to be a favorite for a lot of people just trying to get through high school.

Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some!! is the “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused. Linklater’s followup to the previous addition to this list established its own brand and style while keeping the charm from Dazed. This film centers around a college baseball team in the ‘80s as some of them begin college and others torment the newcomers. The film only contains about a minute of screen time in an actual class, but as far as capturing a college lifestyle outside of school itself, Linklater proves his worth.


Grease has been my favorite musical movie since I first saw it. My mother grew up loving the film, and she could not wait to show me. I fell in love with some of the songs and the characters and the overall charm of the film. The late ‘50s feel of the film is “electrifying,” and it made for an easy addition to this list.

Napoleon Dynamite

Is there a movie every elementary/middle school kid quoted more than Napoleon Dynamite? Doubt it. Jon Heder’s portrayal of the iconic character inspired a plethora of Halloween costumes over the years, and the well-timed, super dry comedy in the film has solidified its inclusion in any school-themed movie list.

School of Rock

This has been and always will be one of my favorite films. School of Rock is one of the very few movies I keep on my laptop because I can watch it anytime and as many times as I want. Jack Black is a hero, and Richard Linklater can do no wrong as a director. Though almost no schooling actually takes place throughout the film, it almost entirely takes place in a school… and it’s in the title… good enough for me.

The Social Network

The Social Network, with writing by Aaron Sorkin, directing by David Fincher, and acting by a stellar cast, is one of the smartest and well-crafted films I’ve ever seen. Feel free to fight me on this. I love this film, and I think I quote it at least once every few days – it’s okay that they insult BU at one point.

Animal House

Animal House was a movie that my dad kept saying he had to wait until I was older for him to show me, and it hurt him because he loves it so much. I later found out that it was good that I waited to watch it, and also I love it too. In fact, it’s my third favorite film. It’s a quintessential college film (and party film), so please watch it if you haven’t.

Recess: School’s Out

Recess: School’s Out technically takes place during the last day of school and the following summer, but it’s too important to not have on this list. I would watch this film every time I visit my grandparents growing up, and it’s a tradition I’ve continued to this day. It has an incredible soundtrack, a fun story, and an overwhelming wave of nostalgia.