Christy: Don’t Forget to “Treat Yo Self”

This past weekend I had the strong urge to treat myself. So Saturday morning I woke up early and headed over to my favorite place to satisfy that urge: Newbury Street. Around eight I hopped on the B line T to begin my peaceful morning in one of my favorite places in Boston. Newbury Street has everything I could possibly dream of in one easily accessible and scenic location.  Newbury is lined with beautiful brownstone buildings that host various shops, restaurants and salons. My motto for the morning was “treat yo self” from the television show Parks and Recreation. I hate to admit it but I took the motto very seriously. Nails, treat yo self; Starbucks, treat yo self; Clothes, treat yo self. Treating yourself on Newbury is extremely easy to do.

I planned my early morning not only to treat myself, but also to separate myself from campus after the snow days due to Juno. I felt the need to be alone which is what I got when I arrived on Newbury. At eight o’clock in the morning on a Saturday with a wind chill of below zero, most people decided to stay in their warm beds. The street was practically empty aside from the few brave souls such as myself. Although my eyes watered and my face became instantly numb as I walked against the wind, I was filled with a strange peace.

Walking alone in the empty, snow covered street was not only peaceful but also made realized how much I have grown during my time at BU. Over the past year I have had defining moments when I realized I was no longer a child: being accepted to BU, scheduling my own doctor’s appointment for the first time away from home, receiving my first paycheck and now walking alone on Newbury Street. These significant moments in my life represent a change within me that Boston University and the city of Boston have been able to bring out in me.

When I got back to my dorm I had new nails, new clothes and a new outlook on myself and my life. My day wasn’t about treating myself how I imagined. I treated myself to the satisfaction of knowing I am a capable adult living in one of the greatest cities. Living in Boston during this chapter of my life has changed me for the better. I am coming into my own here, and I can’t imagine doing so anywhere else. (And I also got some cool new clothes… so that’s a plus!)

My morning in a nutshell:


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