Caroline: I’m A Real Adult Now?

On Friday I went apartment searching with my three closest friends. It was during this adventure that I came to the sudden, and scary, realization that I am finally an adult. Some people may not agree I’m a “‘real adult” because I’m still in college living off of my parents money, but coming to having my own kitchen and having to scrub a toilet is more than enough to convince me.

I had to sign a document acknowledging that the realtor was a legitimate realtor and not just a random guy showing us apartments and that is when the whole situation got very real. Before, all of the planning and talk of living together was just that: talk. It was fun searching online and dreaming of getting a cat, but when we signed that document, there was no going back.

The biggest thing I have to come to terms with is that fact that I will have to pay for internet. This is a very foreign concept to me. Honestly, three years ago I thought internet just existed, I didn’t know it came from the TV provider and that we paid for it. Now that its not free, is it worth it?  (That’s a dumb question.) Obviously it is, especially when considering not paying for cable and just streaming TV from a computer (an easy way to save some money). 

What I am most looking forward to is Sunday dinners. They will certainly be a challenge considering there are two vegans and one gluten-free eater in the house (none of whom are myself). This will be challenging because my recipe rolodex currently consists of mostly chicken dishes. Nonetheless, I’m excited to expand my food horizons and cook new (meatless/dairy-less/gluten-less) foods. I’ll be a master by the time spring semester rolls around—hopefully. 

All of this has got me thinking: am I ready to live on my own? Yeah, technically I’m living on my own right now, but someone cleans the bathroom every day and the dining hall staff makes the food and cleans the dishes. At just 19, I will be completely responsible, working two jobs and attending college. My life is really starting to come together, and I’m excited for it.

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