Aidan: So You Did First Semester….Now What?

Hey team, Aidan here. So, as some of you know, I worked this summer with Orientation and helped a lot of the incoming COM Freshmen to figure out their first semester schedule. One thing that I have noticed is that, after first semester, COM freshmen are on their own completely to figure out their schedule. So, what I would like to do today is give my tips, from a COM Student perspective, for what your schedule should look like going into your second semester!

  1. Keep it Balanced!

You know how you are supposed to eat a balanced breakfast? Well the same can be said about your schedule (but you shouldn’t eat it because a schedule is an intangible concept….). Don’t overload on one type of class, like taking four writing classes and still not doing your stats requirement.

  1. Find Fun Ways to do your Pre-Reqs!

Remember your Freshmen/Sophomore Requirements? Yeah, you have to take two History Classes. Sorry, but it happens to all of us. So, I suggest you make the best of it! I don’t like history courses (can you tell?), but I got mine out of the way doing a Roman History course, which I ended up liking a lot. I purely did this because I liked Roman Mythology growing up, and so I took this course. What I am saying is, don’t be afraid of unorthodox classes to do your pre-reqs. Be adventurous!

  1. Take Your Time

Dudes, though they call it “Freshmen/Sophomore Requirements,” you have all four years here at BU to do them. Don’t forget to take classes you want to take! Want to take an Acting course? Take it! You do have to do general elective credits at some point, spread them out as time for fun!

All in all, it is very hard to mess up your schedule completely. Just make sure you are taking COM201 and that you don’t overload yourself!

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