Grace: Top Coffee Shops for Actually Completing Homework

Tired of going to Starbucks to do work, only to stand in line for hours, get yelled at by an overworked barista, and compete for Wifi? Honestly, same. Sometimes I need a break from studying at Mugar or the George Sherman Union (GSU), and that quest for study space has led me into the front doors of countless coffee shops around Boston. Read on to find your own quiet space – and favorite cup of coffee – at some shops near BU.

Café Nero – With three hours of free Wifi, ample table space, and warm lighting, Café Nero’s soothing interior is the perfect place to chill and focus. Your coffee is made right in front of you, so customers can expect quiet baristas who won’t be yelling out names or orders. With its close proximity to West Campus (literally right under 1047 Commonwealth), this convenient spot can’t be beat.

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The Thinking Cup – If you’re looking to venture off campus, try stopping by the Thinking Cup. Located on Newbury Street, this café is perfect for East Campus folks. The Thinking Cup’s coffee drinks and exotic food options make it a perfect spot to snack and study. Even better, you will avoid harsh lighting, since the café’s interior is dimly lit.


Pavement – Trying to work on a team project? Find a whole room dedicated to seating at Pavement. Work with your partners for hours, and even grab a sandwich or slice of pastry while you’re there. Pavement bakes its own bread daily, and many ingredients from its its menu are locally sourced.


Blue State – Blue State is ideal for West Campus students who are tired of studying in the basement of Claflin or the top floor of Stuvi 2. With an Americana-meets-social-justice feel, Blue State is perfect for doing good and eating well while you study. Each drink order comes with a token to vote for a local charity Blue State will donate a portion of its proceeds to. My favorite is the “chaider” – a yummy mix of chai and apple cider that will leave you feeling festive and ready to focus.


Trident Booksellers and Café – Sundays are meant for two things: Brunch and (unfortunately) homework. Whether you eat healthy or prefer a decadent treat, Trident has it all, along with novelty drink options. The Trident café is snuggled between their stacks of bookshelves and cute gift items. Finish your studying, then take a browse – reading for pleasure is the perfect way to relax.


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