Sarah: Surviving the First Week

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It’s hard to believe the Fall semester is almost upon us! Where did the summer go? While I was beyond excited to start college my first semester, I was also a little nervous. Big changes can be a stressful. Here are a few tips to make that first week a little easier.

Check out your classes beforehand.

It’s no secret that BU is a big school. The COM building and The College of Arts and Sciences are easy enough to find, but there are plenty of other classroom buildings on campus. During my first semester, I had one class in the Kenmore Classroom Building and one class in the Stone Science Building (I had no idea where they were either). It’s not a bad idea to check out where your classes are before they start. It’ll save you the stress of getting lost, and you can see how long it takes you to get from one class to the next.

Bring your order number when you pick up books.

If you have to pick up books at Barnes & Noble, be prepared for a pretty substantial line. Book pick-up is on the top floor (and is the hottest part) of the building. You only need your BU ID to pick up your books, but if you have your order number with you, you’ll move through the line much more quickly. Also, if you know you don’t need your books before the your classes start, try heading to the book store after your first day of classes.

Don’t bring your books to class on the first day.

Despite what I thought on my first day, your professors probably do not expect you to bring your textbooks to the first class, unless they tell you otherwise. This time is typically used for introductions and a syllabus overview (your hour-and-a-half-long class may only last 20 minutes!). There’s no need to lug around that 10-pound US History book. But, definitely come prepared with a pen and paper. For when you will have to carry those books around…

Buy a backpack!

Yes, I know – backpacks are dorky. Or, at least that’s what I thought going into college. I thought I’d buy a trendy over-the-shoulder bag and would be good to go. While these bags seem to work well for some people, my back didn’t stand a chance. I immediately went out a bought a backpack and haven’t looked back since.

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