Will: Move-in Mayhem

Alright, so you’re about to leave for school. Wow. Wow wow wow. You’re packing up your car, stuffing random socks into any extra pocket you can find, and looking in spots in your home you didn’t know existed for things that probably don’t. But that’s good, you gotta be sure, right?

Well, let me tell you something: as soon as you coast down Comm Ave to the front of Warren Towers or West or wherever, your first experience as an independent adult  is gonna come right at ya. Move-in…

It’s going to be nuts. It’ll probably be hot, it will be overwhelming, but it will be awesome. So I’ve got some tips for you.

1) Keep your cool, people.

Just remember that there is no rush. You’ll have plenty of time to figure everything out and everything will come together just fine because, well… it just does.

2) Tell your parents to keep THEIR cool.

“Mom, just chill out for a sec…” You can say that! It is okay to say that because more than likely your parents will be much more overwhelmed than you will be. Not only do they have to deal with moving you in, but they have to deal with you going off to live your own life and fulfill your dreams and yada yada yada.

3) Say “Hey” and smile!

There’s going to be about a million people there helping you move your things, check you in, and just be friendly so go ahead and be friendly back! If you’re happy and optimistic from Day 1 it’s going to make your whole semester just that much better.

Hopefully this helps and if all else fails, count to ten and go to your happy place.


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