Tyler: We’re baaaaaaaaacckkk: Tackling Spring Semester

Happy first day of classes, terriers! Are you ready for the spring semester? For many upperclassmen, it may be simple to adjust to the new schedule and new courses — and some freshmen might already have the hang of it, too! But for those of you who still struggle with the transition, here are some tips to make sure you start the semester off right:
1. A given — but if your new professors email you before the semester starts, READ IT!
These emails usually speak on important events within the first week of classes in addition to including a syllabus. It’s good to know what you’re getting into. The syllabus is key. It often lists the required materials and texts for the class (which the sooner you get, the better!)
2. Map out your schedule.
Classes, sports, clubs, work, etc. all run on their own schedules, but you have to run on your own. The day before the semester begins, sit down and take a look at all your commitments for the semester. Make a 7-day consolidated calendar and label your typical week’s schedule that includes locations of events. Hang it up in your room for your personal reference (your roommate may appreciate it, too!), put it in a notebook that you always carry around, or even upload it onto your phone’s calendar.
3. Walk around campus briefly to figure out where your classes will be.
It’ll be helpful to know where you’re going on the first day, especially if you’re new or have never been in a specific building before. Take some time before class to know the specific classroom you will be in so that you can assure that you’ll arrive on time on the first day.
4. Keep an open mind.
A class you’re taking may have a reputation for being very difficult, or you haven’t heard the best reviews. This shouldn’t impede you, though. Try going into classes with an open mind. You may end up loving the topic and the professor! Everyone’s opinions are different.
5. And of course, don’t forget to celebrate a new semester with your friends!
It’s been a month since you’ve seen your friends! Go say hi and grab dinner together. Catch up on life, have fun, and get ready for an exciting few months!

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