Amy: Best Places to Study Away from Campus

As finals start getting closer and closer to us with seemingly no end to midterms in sight, you might be getting a little sick of all the quality time you’re spending in Mugar. Or for that matter, anywhere on campus. Sometime, you just have to get away to give your mind a refresh to study. Here are some of my favorite off-campus places to go when I need to focus.

  1. Boston Public Library: In the warm weather days, there’s nothing better than grabbing your textbooks and camping out in the courtyard. Between the fountain and the open air seating area, it’s a quiet peaceful environment that you absolutely can’t miss!
  2. BPL pt. 2: When it gets cold out and the courtyard is too freezing, try the reading room! It’s a beautiful room filled with tables and gorgeous architecture, for times when Mugar is just a little bit too much like Mugar. Watch out though, they won’t let you drink coffee in there!
  3. Barrington Coffee Roaster: 100% coffee friendly. This is a small coffee shop on Newbury St. that has a slightly slower bustle than Starbucks or Pavement. I can attest, the coffee is A+ and the baristas are super friendly. Plus free WiFi!
  4. The Thinking Cup: While there are a few locations of this one, my favorite has to be the one on Tremont St. Easily accessible from Arlington or Park St. stations, The Thinking Cup is another super cute coffee shop with a bonus view of the Commons.
  5. Trident Booksellers and Café: Just try not to get distracted by all the fun knick-knacks they sell. All in all though, a great place to go for some food, a coffee, and some quality time with your textbook.
  6. Brookline Public Library: WOAH. Another BPL. This one’s a little less crowded, and also super convenient for anyone living west or south of campus. The Coolidge Corner location is super accessible from campus!

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