Laurel: A Guide to Navigating the Historic, Ever Trendy, Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is perhaps the most history entangled one-stop-shop Boston has to offer. With its prime location surrounded by the Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, and the Charles River Esplanade, there is no better place to spend your day.

One of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods, Beacon Hill houses about 10,000 of Boston’s finest among the luxurious, aesthetically pleasing, quaint brownstone setting. Filled with rich history and just steps away from the heart of the bustling downtown, Beacon Hill has become an oasis for the local, the tourist, and the resident.

You don’t need to study the history books to learn the context behind the cobblestone alleyways or who designed the English style brick buildings. Rather, take a stroll up and down the streets to read the history plaques for yourself. When you’re there, you may come across anything from Mount Vernon housing six of Boston’s most prominent citizens way back in 1795 to a few of the first free-standing mansions that housed some of the most famous revolutionaries throughout the century.

Tour the State House, walk the streets, or play in the park. Afterward, meander along Charles Street to fully experience the charm and delight for yourself.

First, take a stroll through the tiny yet charming Deluca’s Market. Go in the summer months to find cute flowers lining the sidewalk or pop in during the winter to browse the character-rich aisles.

Keep your head on a swivel as you continue walking through the blocks. On your way, you will find some of Boston’s best cuisine. Try The Paramount for the best comfort and breakfast food all day long. If you are looking for some pizza, try Figs or pop in three doors down to The Upper Crust. (Maybe you have a pizza showdown with all your COM friends!) If you are in need of a classy brunch stop or a romantic dinner, try Beacon Hill Bristo or wander into one of the endless amounts of Italian restaurants ranging from casual to gourmet.

Whatever you do, do not forget to stop by Tatte Bakery for the best vanilla latte, pastries and brunch to propel you into a life of bliss. The owner designs each Boston location down to the tile on the floor. When it comes to Tatte, the line is indicative of the quality—worth the wait.

When your tummy is full, Beacon Hill still entertains. Walk around and find alleyways such as Acorn Street for the perfect photo opt to capture your aesthetic. Explore the beauty and get lost in the cobblestone.

Don’t be afraid to stop into the shops. The boutiques carry anything from home decor to casual clothing, even pure cashmere! There will always be something for everyone. Find your dog a cute new leash or leave with a pair of skis from the local ski shop. Keep walking to find the classic J.P. Licks for some ice cream and cross on over to the esplanade or work your way back to the park. Either way, Beacon Hill is a great way to spend a day. Relax, walk around, read through the history and discover the best qualities (both touristy and not) that Beacon Hill has to offer.

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