Emily: A very Boston Autumn

The leaves are changing color, pumpkins spice is back, so you know what that means…It’s finally fall! If this is your first fall you’re in luck because Boston has so much to offer. I’ve compiled my ~fave fall affairs~ for you to enjoy!

1. Halloween Horror Marathon

Every year, the Coolidge Corner Theatre puts on a  12 hour marathon of horror movies. They don’t reveal the movie titles until you’re in your seat, so go see if you’re brave enough and check it out!

2. Visit Salem

It wouldn’t be a New England fall without a trip to Massachusetts’ ~spookiest~ town. Plus, a trip to the Salem Witch Museum will put anyone in the Halloween spirit.  

My favorite Salem
My favorite Salem

3. BU Pumpkin Drop

A classic BU fall tradition is the annual pumpkin drop. The BU Physics Department drop dozens of crazy pumpkins (think paint-filled and dipped in dry ice) from the roof of the Metcalf Science Center. Who knew science was actually cool (and in the fall spirit)?

4. Go Apple Picking

Sure, you could do this anywhere, but apple picking is a staple fun fall activity. Plus, this year BU had an event where they bussed students out to an apple orchard!

5. Head of the Charles

Is may have passed already, but the Head of the Charles Regatta is one of my favorite fall events. Crew is a quintessential New England sport, and it really is exciting to watch (and the Brooks Brother’s tent). 

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