Eliza: Finding Out How To Not Find Your Way

Well folks, here it is: my take on a sappy senior COM Ambassador blog post. Apologies in advance (but also, I hope this can mean something to you).


When I started at Boston University in 2014, the College of Communication was just COM101 to me, a class full of other nervous and eager freshmen looking to start finding our way within the complex web of a massive university.  Over that first year my declared major in Film and Television began to feel like the wrong fit, and after a well timed guest lecture on Journalism I soon found my new place within COM, within BU.


Looking back to then, I think that was about when I convinced myself that I had figured it out. I knew how college worked! I had a major I loved, my classes were (mostly) interesting (I’m sorry, but Statistics was never gonna do it for me), and the sense of complete loss that had come with a move to a new city dissipated after the first time I navigated my way to the Boston Common without the help of Google Maps.


I left my first year and headed home to intern sure that over the next three years things would continue to make sense and to fall into place the way I was sure they were supposed to.  However as I sit here writing this as a second semester senior, just shy of two months from commencement, I can safely say that I still don’t really have it figured out.


This admittal isn’t meant to scare anyone, quite the opposite really.  It took some time, but I now realize that this sense of slight panic is caused by nothing less than how lucky I am.  My time at Boston University has given me so many opportunities, that it now feels overwhelming to think that I suddenly have to choose one.


During college, you can keep yourself involved in so many things, across different majors and colleges and topics, through clubs and activities and even elective classes or minors or majors.  Boston University helps students do just this, and the confidence that being a COM student has given me has helped me to branch out and pursue my passions.


So as I approach that Friday morning in May when my COM journey ends, I feel so lucky, and yes, still so overwhelmed, by the opportunities COM has given me. But now, that feeling is proof that four years ago in May of 2014, I made the right choice choosing COM

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