Harper: How To Plan During Uncertainty


As a transfer student, I’ve always spent a lot of time planning out my next “move” during college. I researched clubs, planned out my classes by semester, and thought about how I would spend my summer. Now, all that has been thrown up in the air. If you’re like me as someone who loves planning and finds security in it, here is how you can plan during this time of uncertainty. 

Tip #1

Find multiple ways you can spend the upcoming few months and see which one fits your situation the best. Look into online classes at your local community college or at BU and talk with your advisor about ways you can continue your education from inside your home. Apply for remote work or look into ways you can make a few bucks online.

Tip #2 

Write down things you have always wanted to do and see if there is a way you can put effort into them in quarantine. Pitch an opinion piece to your local newspaper or magazine. Make your family act in a phone-filmed short story. Maybe start a blog or a YouTube series. Dye your hair or learn a new skill for free online. Reach out to a local store and ask if you can pitch a PR plan to them via zoom during quarantine. 

Tip #3 

RELAX. Read a book, binge watch TV, sleep in, lay out and stretch your muscles, and do not feel guilty about it. 

Tip #4 

Know that wearing a mask, staying inside, and washing your hands are the biggest ways you can help the world get back to normalcy. Do your part, but know that right now is not in your control. Find hope and joy in the little things and take away stress from “planning”. 

I understand that there are people under a multitude of different circumstances and not all these tips, tricks, or helpful words of encouragement are applicable to everyone. When in doubt, reach out to your BU community for help during these tough and emotional times.

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