Diving in to BU

Rebecca Shinners – CCD/ERC Student Ambassador

Lacing in and out of the crowds, I hustled through Nickerson field and read sign after sign. “Acapella, Theatre,” sounds like fun—but not for me. Like BU’s other new students, I was at SPLASH searching for my niche at Boston University.

Navigating SPLASH is not an easy task. It’s hot, crowded, and there are so many tables, you never know if you missed one with the perfect opportunity waiting for you.

After SPLASH came the emails. I signed up for way too many groups and spent my first few weeks at BU with club meetings basically every night. How else would I know where I wanted to spend my free time?

As a recent transfer student to Boston University, I viewed extracurricular activities as a vital part of my transition into the BU community. At my old school, getting involved as the editor of an online magazine my freshman year helped me realize I want to pursue a career that combines communication and art.

During my first few weeks here, I picked out the clubs I found most interesting and relevant to my major: Photojournalism in COM. I’m now the Photography Director of The Buzz, BU’s Lifestyle Magazine, and an Editor of Her Campus BU.

Even if you don’t share my love of writing and photography, find the extracurricular activities that interest you. Getting involved around campus is a great way to explore your interests, possible majors and even future career paths.

If you missed SPLASH or didn’t find what you were looking for, visit BU Student Activities online (insert link to bu.edu/youdo), or check Twitter and Facebook to explore your options. Ask around to see if your friends are in any interesting clubs.

I found my major by getting involved and so can you—or you can at least have fun trying out some new activities!


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Diving in to BU | BU Educational Resource Center Blog

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Diving in to BU | BU Educational Resource Center Blog1661492526

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