Grace: Going Greek – Thoughts on Greek Life and How to Decide it’s Right for You

Hey guys!! Grace here for my first COM blog post. As formal sorority recruitment is right around the corner, greek life at BU has been on my mind a lot. As a sophomore looking back on my freshman year at BU, I remember wondering if going Greek was something I would enjoy. Would I find real friends? Would I be too busy to join other clubs? Would it be worth the money? Hopefully, this post will help you decide if rushing a fraternity or sorority is right for you.

Freshman Grace didn’t realize that leaving all her childhood friends behind and moving to a big campus would be a hard transition. Before coming to BU, I never really thought I’d go Greek. While I made some amazing friends through my dorm and classes, I yearned for the type of supportive community I had back in high school. It wasn’t until after going through recruitment that I found my family away from home: Kappa Delta.

Going through recruitment is a scary and exciting process: everyone is equally nervous about meeting new people, and everyone walks away from the weekend with new friends. My biggest piece of advice for recruitment is to go in with an open mind. For both guys and girls, this means giving every wonderfully unique chapter at BU a fair chance – you just might be surprised with who you click with.

For those of you who do decide to join Greek life, congratulations! Your choice will impact you not only during your college years, but also for the rest of your life (and that isn’t scary!!!). Becoming a Kappa Delta has helped me grow as a student, a friend, and an individual. Through KD, I’ve learned a lot about friendship, time commitment, and opportunity. The girls who I now call my sisters are the kind of people who will study with you in Mugar until 3 am (although this isn’t advised…) and spontaneously take a trip to New York City with me on a whim.

It’s also important to note that Greek life is a lifestyle choice¬†and that it isn’t for everyone. Some of my best friends on campus are girls and guys who got involved on campus in other ways. Joining a chapter carries responsibilities and obligations, and you have to be dedicated to your chapter once you join. If you decide Greek life isn’t right for you, get involved with clubs or sports teams on campus – try joining Model UN, the Quidditch team, or the Daily Free Press. There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus and make friends, so don’t feel like going Greek is the only way to stay social in college.

BU is home to a plethora of people who come from a diversity of backgrounds and interests; there are so many ways to make BU your home away from home. Best of luck you social butterflies!

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