Kreag: Surviving the End of the Semester

I don’t know how many other people deal with this problem, but for me, the end of the semester typically signals stress-time.  This isn’t necessarily due to the amount of finals or final papers I have, but sometimes everything coming to a close for the semester becomes very overwhelming.  Whether its projects in the weeks leading up to finals or the stresses of trying to figure out your summer situation, things seem to pile on quicker than ever as you approach the end of the school year.  Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways to escape the stressors of the end of the semester.

  1. Go see a movie-  This is my favorite thing to do when things start to get crazy.  I know it could potentially just sound like I’m avoiding my responsibilities, but sometimes you just need a break from reality, and a movie is a perfect way to do that.  Recently, I went to see Zootopia with a few fellow COM Ambassadors after Open House, and it was a super fun time.  Also, if you haven’t seen it, I totally recommend Zootopia.  It was better than Inside Out.  And I’m sure you know how people feel about Inside Out!  Zootopia is that good.
  2. Take a walk/go on adventure in the city- We are in Boston!  There are so many places you can reach just by walking for a little while!  At the end of last year I would walk with friends from campus to the harbor and then spend some time in the North End before typically getting some form of pastry (a lot of people would recommend Mike’s for a cannoli, but I really enjoy Modern).  You could also just walk to the Boston Public Garden and spend an afternoon doing some reading or work there.  Its one of my favorite places to go in the city, especially on a nice April/May afternoon when the sun is out and the weather is warm.  Alternatively, you could just take a walk along the esplanade.  Its beautiful in the spring with all the trees in bloom, and if you walk down far enough you can end up at this super fun playground with this weird spider-web playscape.
  3. Go to FitRec- I have found that this is one of my favorite ways to escape the stressors of finals period.  Being able to go and  work out is a great way to take your mind off things.  An hour on the elliptical can work wonders fro your mental state.
  4. Go to Target- Whoever decided to build a Target near Fenway is my personal savior.  There is something very therapeutic about entering a Target and wandering around for hours while you do your shopping, and that’s a feeling you are most definitely not going to get at other stores like StarMarket.

I know that a lot of these suggestions could just sound like tips to procrastinate doing your work, but remember, breaks are necessary!  The last few weeks of the semester can be a rough time, and if you don’t take a moment for yourself every so often, stress is just going to build up even more.

Good luck with finals, and enjoy the last few weeks of the semester!

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