Lauren: IMAX is Believing!

I’m so excited to announce that for the rest of the semester, I’ll be one of the campus representatives for IMAX here at BU!  This means I’ll be hosting giveaways and events to promote the latest IMAX movies (like Skyfall and The Hobbit)!

Leading filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams, James Cameron, Brad Bird and Ridley Scott prefer to have their movies formatted in IMAX because it creates an incredibly immersive experience for moviegoers!  With crystal-clear images, booming sound, and stadium seating that brings you closer to the screen, no other movie experience compares to IMAX! Some movies, like Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol and Skyfall, have even been released early in IMAX to build buzz and excitement!  In 2013, Oblivion will be doing the same!

If you’re ready to watch a movie like never before then head over to the AMC Loews Boston Common 19 theatre (located at 175 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02111) for the IMAX ExperienceSkyfall is now in theatres now and The Hobbit will be released on December 14th!

We recently promoted the release of Skyfall this weekend with our very own James Bonds by giving away martini glasses, decks of cards and free IMAX movie tickets all around campus!  But don’t worry if you missed out!  We’ll be having plenty of giveaways this semester!

At the end of this week, for example, just remember that there’s “No place like your dorm.”  Be on the lookout, and you might find some really great prizes where you least expect to find them!

We’ll also be hosting a study break with free pizza, refreshments and IMAX branded study materials right before finals weeks!  For updates on the IMAX Study Break and other IMAX giveaways and events at BU, you can follow me on Twitter (@laurhaslett)!

Make sure you like IMAX on Facebook and follow IMAX on Twitter for the latest info on upcoming releases and contests!


Lauren: ADventures in COM!

Hi everyone!  As an advertising major here at COM, I’ve had the opportunity to get hands-on copywriting and design experience inside the classroom!  It’s amazing to know that my professors are working to prepare me for life in the advertising industry!  I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to take such exciting classes.

In one of my classes, Creative Development, our professor assigns us a specific client each week, like Weight Watchers, Boston Public Health Commission or Happy Tot Baby Foods, and asks us to create the concept for a billboard ad, print ad or direct mailing piece for the brand or organization.  The class is generally split between copywriters and art directors, so two students work together on the project.  It really has helped us learn about what it takes to work successfully in a group setting.  We also have to present our ideas in front of the class, which gives us great public speaking experience.  Presentation skills are definitely useful, especially in the advertising industry.  This class is one of my favorites because it keeps my creative juices flowing and lets me experiment and present some wild ideas!

In another one of my classes, Design and New Media I, one of our assignments was to create the concept for our own, made-up company!  We’re spending the semester designing a website and promotional material for this organization!  It’s so much fun to execute some wacky ideas.  The sky’s the limit.  Along the way, we’re learning how to use the Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver and other design software.  It’s amazing to take your ideas and be able to execute them right on the screen!

In my Advertising Management class, I’m learning all about the business side of the advertising industry.  It takes a special set of skills to manage an account and deal with a client, and this class is teaching me all about it!  We’re learning about branding, writing creative strategies, holding client meetings and other essential responsibilities of an account management position.   It’s great to have a great understanding of both the creative side and business side of the industry.  And a lot of the work I’m producing for my classes can be used in my portfolio too.

It’s incredible that I’m able to get such a great head start into the field! I feel like one of the “Mad (Wo)Men” already, and I haven’t even graduated yet!  I hope you’re all enjoying your classes as much as I’m enjoying mine!


Lauren: Sorority Recruitment!

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re all having an amazing semester so far!

Last weekend, I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s with my Sigma Kappa sisters!  It was such an amazing experience, and it made me realize that going through Formal Recruitment and joining a sorority was one of the best decisions of my life!

Through sisterhood and philanthropic events, sororities work to make a difference in the community and serve as a foundation for lifelong friendships.  Greek life is perfect for anyone looking to become a part of a special and meaningful group!

I recommend that any girls interested in joining a sorority go through Recruitment!  It will give you a chance to meet tons of girls and figure out which sorority is the best fit for you!

Formal Recruitment doesn’t begin until January (the actual dates are Friday January 11th to Monday January 14th – mark them on your calendar!!). While this may seem like it’s a century away, it’ll be here before you know it!

BU has some great resources on everything relating to Greek Life!  Here’s what you should do if you’re interested in recruitment!

  1. Check out the Greek Life Prospective Member FAQ page-

Got any specific questions about Greek life or recruitment?  Look no further!

  1. 2. Take some time to learn about all the different sororities

At formal recruitment, you’ll get the chance to meet all sororities!  It’s very exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming too!  My advice is to research all of BU’s sororities before recruitment, so that it makes things less stressful during recruitment time!  This will definitely help you out!

  1. 3. Keep up-to-date!

“Like” BU Sorority Recruitment on Facebook to stay in the loop with everything going on!  Also, follow @BUPanhel on Twitter for the latest Recruitment information!

  1. 4. Learn the lingo!

If you get the chance, take some time to look at some of the Greek life terminology!   That way you’re ready to go on the first day of recruitment!

For sophomores, juniors and seniors, you can also look at some other recruitment options like Informal Recruitment or joining Kappa Alpha Theta!

I’m proud to be a member of the BU Greek community!  We’re a group of strong, dedicated students, and I can’t watch as we continue to grow!

#COMlove always,


Lauren: Internships- Finish Strong!

With the end of summer comes the end of summer internships.  During your time at BU, you’re bound to complete an internship at one point or another.   While first impressions are very important, you should treat your last days at your internship just like you treated your first.  Here are five things you should do as your internship comes to a close:

  1. Ask for a recommendation letter.

About two weeks before your last day, approach your supervisor, or a person that you have worked with closely, and ask if they would write you a letter of recommendation and serve as a professional reference.  Specially tell them what you are looking for in the recommendation letter.  Suggest, for example, that they highlight your work ethic or comment on your writing skills.   If you have a LinkedIn account, you may also want to ask if they could recommend you on that social networking site.  In return, offer to write a little internship testimonial that the organization can use to promote their internship program.   Don’t be nervous to ask for a recommendation letter or reference- you’ve worked hard, and you deserve it!

2. Set up a meeting with your supervisor on your last day.

On your last day, ask your supervisor if you can sit down with them for a few minutes to get some feedback on your work.  Learning about your strengths and weaknesses can be helpful when you have other internships and jobs.  This can also teach you how to take constructive criticism, a skill that will be beneficial in the future.  Also, let your supervisor know what you thought of the internship program, but make sure you express how thankful you are to have had this opportunity.  After all, it’s hard to get an internship nowadays.

3. Give out hand-written thank you notes.

Writing a thank you note is the perfect way to express your gratitude at the end of your internship.  A hand-written note is much more thoughtful than simply sending a thank-you email.  You can visit this Her Campus article to find thank-you note templates!  Be specific in the note by thanking them for either helping you with a particular project or assigning you an exceptionally rewarding task.  I always sign professional thank you notes using “Sincerely” or “Best wishes.”  Last impressions really count, and writing a note is a great way to stand out and be remembered.

4. Update your Resume.

Internships are great professional experience and can help bulk up your resume.   Make sure when you add this experience to your resume that you list specific examples of assignments you completed.   Update your resume and LinkedIn page right when your internship is ending so your work is still fresh in your mind.  Also, ask for permission to use some of the work that you completed (like writing assignments, design work or video clips) in your portfolio.   It will look great when you apply for another internship or job!

5. Keep in touch.

Connect with your fellow interns, supervisors and other employees at your internship site.  Add them on LinkedIn and exchange contact information.  Make sure that you stay up-to-date with what’s going on with the company by following them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites.  You may also want to email your supervisor every three months or so just to stay connected!  You never know- staying in touch may help you get a full time job with the company!

Follow these simple steps to make the most out of the last days at your internship!  Remember to start strong and end strong!

Lauren: Blown Away by the Windy City

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are having an amazing summer, and I hope you’re ready for the fall!  I wanted to share one of my summer adventures with you because it proves that sometimes, taking a chance can really pay off!

When Sigma Kappa national headquarters announced that they were sponsoring two collegiate sisters to attend a leadership conference in Chicago, I knew that I needed to apply!  While I thought my chances were slim, I figured it was worth a shot.  I wrote an essay describing why I wanted to attend and waited with baited breathe.  Finally I heard back, and found out that I would be representing my sorority at the conference!  AHH!!!

Before I knew it, on June 3rd, I was on a flight to Chicago, excited to meet my roommate (another fellow Sigma Kappa) and all the other participants.  I was ready for an amazing adventure!

Led by the brilliant Mike Dilbeck (founder & president of the RESPONSE ABILITY Project and founder of the Every|Day Hero Campaign) and the amazing Phired Up! Team, the Be the Person 2012 Conference focused on showing participants that they have the strength to become an everyday hero.  We were challenged to inspire change in our community by finding and promoting our own, personal “cause” (mine was to stop the unrealistic portrayal of women’s bodies in the media, and show everyone that they’re beautiful and perfect, exactly the way they are!!)

This was no ordinary conference, however.  In fact, the staff didn’t even want us to call it a conference! We didn’t spend hours at a time stuck inside a conference hall or ball room, listening to PowerPoint presentations and lectures.  Instead, we got to see the city of Chicago, interact with other people and really learn about ourselves.

We didn’t just talk about making a difference, we actually, well…made a difference.   One day we wrote motivational quotes on poster boards and participated in a “kindness flash mob” on the streets of Chicago!  The reactions we received from passersby were truly touching, and it meant so much to know that we were actually helping to brighten someone’s day!  A police officer driving by in a car even said “keep up the good work ladies and gentleman!”   This really showed us that sometimes, even little things can make a huge, meaningful difference.   Another day, we “chalked” the Chicago sidewalks, writing inspiring quotes to help people get through their day!  I’ve honestly never had so much fun in my whole, entire life!

We also learned about bystander behavior, and discussed why people don’t take action when they see something bad happening.  We were inspired to find the courage in ourselves to NOT be a bystander anymore, and to have the strength to be a leader and do what’s right, even when we’re standing alone.  It was a really powerful message that definitely resonates, especially in today’s society.

All the activities and lessons really helped the participants bond, and I had the chance to make some great new friends.  One highlight of the event was meeting some fellow Terriers!  We all were able to bond over our love of BU, and it really helped me feel at home even though I was very far from Boston.  It just goes to show that the BU Connection extends far beyond the boundaries of Commonwealth Avenue!

I also had the chance to meet other collegiate members who were representing their sorority!  These girls came from college all across the country, and were really remarkable leaders.  I loved hearing their story, and learned so much by talking with them.

Though it’s almost been a month since I left the Windy City, I know that I’ll never forget the amazing experience, or the incredible people I met on my journey!  I’ve been so inspired, and I can’t wait to really go out in the world and create change!

This summer, challenge yourself to make a difference in someone’s life.  Every bit counts.


Lauren: New School, New Experiences, New You

Lauren ImageThis is my last blog of the school year, so I wanted to leave you guys with a little piece of advice!  The first week of your freshman year can be the scariest, most exciting time of your life!  But you’ve got to make the most of it!  By attending summer orientation, students get a glimpse of what to expect as a student here at BU, and trust me, it’s a great adventure!  Here’s a few great ways to make sure that your first semester at BU rocks!

1. Come prepared for Move-In

Start buying all the items you’ll need for your dorm NOW!  It’s never too early to start organizing all your belongings!  You can use this checklist to make sure that you have everything you need!  Move-in can be crazy, but if you have everything packed and organized, it makes the whole experience less painful!   My particular advice: brings tons of pictures and some things that remind you of home!  As corny as it seems, chances are you’ll get homesick, especially during your first semester.  Having these sorts of meaningful things in your room will make home seem closer than you think!

2. Socialize

Talk to people, especially the first couple weeks of school!  This is no time to be shy!  All the other freshman students are in the same situation asyou: they want to meet friends too!  Leave your door open, have a conversation with someone on your floor, accept your classmates offer to grab lunch or go see a movie with kids in your building.  You could end up meeting one of your best friends!

3. Get involved!

The student activities fair, SPLASH!, is the perfect time for BU students to check out all the extracurricular activities on campus!  From the bee-keeping club to the Quidditch team, I think it’s safe to say we have something for everyone!  Stop by the booths of organizations you’re interested in and join their e-mail list!  You can even do a little research now to figure out which ones you want to check out!   It’s the easiest way to meet new friends, and helps make BU a little smaller!

4. Explore the city!

One of the best parts of being a student at BU is living in the city of Boston!  There are so many amazing places to explore!  Some of my fellow COM ambassadors Anna and Tiffany have listed their favorite Boston hotspots!  Check them out!  Some of my personal favorites include the Museum of Fine Arts and Symphony Hall!

5. But, don’t fall behind from your classes!

While socializing and being involved in extra-curriculars are important to the college experience, you also need to make sure that you’re focusing on your schoolwork!  Take notes in all your classes, and don’t fall behind on any reading assignments!  And don’t wait until the last minute to start writing a paper!  Staying on top of your school work will give you more free time to do other things!

I hope you take my advice into consideration when you come to BU in the fall! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! I can’t wait to meet all of you COMers!

Lauren: COM Events!

Lauren ImageBeing a COM student gives you so many opportunities that you wouldn’t have at other colleges. Our school is always hosting informative and entertaining specials events, panels, seminars or film screenings on campus, bringing in alums and other business professionals to educate their students! On March 30th, I had the opportunity to attend the “New Media: What Comes After the Basics” panel, a FREE event open to all BU students and alums.  It was a truly fantastic experience, despite the fact that the event started at 8:00 in the morning!

The three panelists at the event, Edward Boches (Chief Innovation Officer at Mullen, @edwardboches), Mike Schneider (SVP Digital Incubator at Allen & Gerritsen, @schneidermike) and Todd Defren (Principal at SHIFT Communication, @tdefren) were unbelievably intelligent, witty and hilarious.  They gave those in attendance incredible insight into the ever-evolving world of new media and its role in advertising, marketing and PR.  All three men are also extremely successful!  Edward Booches created the #BrandBowl, and I was so star struck to be in the same room as him!

Moderator Steve Quigley (@stevequigley), a beloved Public Relations professor at COM, was also incredibly entertaining with his sharp remarks and stimulating questions.  The discussion consisted of everything from trends in the new media industry, to ways to connect with industry professionals, to advice for applying for internships!

The entire experience was also very interactive!  In the days leading up to the panel, COM held a contest on Twitter to see which attendees could come up with the most creative and interesting question to ask the panelists by tweeting with the hashtag #AskBUNM.  The winner of the contest was revealed on Friday and received an iPad 3!  How cool is that?!    There was also a live Twitter stream on the screen behind the panelists, so audience members could see their tweets on the big screen!  After the discussion and a question and answer segment, students also had the chance to talk one-on-one with the panelists!  What a great way to network with communication specialists!

The COM Connection has a remarkably long reach, and I am always amazed by the phenomenal and numerous opportunities students have to make connections with industry professionals!  This really sets COM apart from many other communication schools!  I suggest that students try to take these opportunities and attend as many of these special events as they can!  Just another reason why #COMstheBOMB!

Lauren: The COMmunicator’s Got No COMpetition

Lauren Image

It was just a typical day when Ashley Waxman, a first-year graduate student here at COM, stopped by one of my COM classes to talk about “The COMmunicator,” the official newsletter for the Department of Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations at COM.  She encouraged the students in my class to attend one of their meetings, and lured us in with the prospect of free cookies and baked goods.  I figured that I would give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised by what “The COMmunicator” had in store for me!

I quickly learned that “The COMmunicator” gives its readers insight into anything and everything that is going on in the MC/AD/PR Department!  From special awards that COM has received, to cool upcoming events and interviews with successful alumni who are working in the industry, “The COMmunicator” covers it all!  All the writers, editors and staff members are graduate or undergraduate students at COM and their website contains blogs, funny videos (check out “Good COM/Bad COM”) and tons of articles relating to everything COM.

Before I knew it, I was placed on the marketing team for The COMmunicator.  We meet once a week in the COM study lounge and brainstorm creative ways to promote the website!  We come up with clever designs for the flyers we hang around the COM buildings and research happenings in COM and the Boston area to tweet or post about on Facebook.

Working on “The COMmunicator” has helped me feel more connected with COM than ever before!  I definitely suggest that any students who want to get more involved with COM check out “The COMmunicator!”  They are always looking for students to write articles or help with their marketing/social media efforts!

The COMmunicator” will also be hosting a special event on Thursday, April 12th that will feature COMpetition, COMedy and much more!  Keep an eye out for more information!

Get connected with “The COMmunicator”:



Twitter: @bucommunicator

Facebook: BU COMmunicator

Screen shot 2012-03-03 at 4.39.34 PM

Lauren: The Perks of Being a Rep

Lauren ImageHello everyone!  I’m so excited to be a new COM ambassador and I can’t wait to share my thoughts and experiences with all of you!  My time at BU has been amazing so far, and I’ve truly enjoyed every minute!  What’s so exciting about this school is that there are always job and internship opportunities, not only within the BU community, but throughout Boston as well!  Recently, I’ve had the chance to serve as a BU Campus Rep for American Eagle Outfitters, and I’ve discovered just how much fun I can have while gaining real, hands-on experience with advertising and promotions!

Being a campus representative is definitely a great way to get involved!  I work for the Youth LaurenMarketing Connection AE Student Union program and I’m mainly responsible for helping to plan and attend all the free giveaways that we have around campus.  Part of my job also involves promoting these upcoming events through the program’s Facebook page, AE Student Union at Boston University, and my own personal Twitter and Facebook accounts.  My job has also given me the opportunity to gain more knowledge about social media!  I’m proud to say that the official American Eagle Co. Twitter account, @american_eagle, recently tweeted back at me after I wrote about one of the AE Student Union events!  I felt like such a celebrity!

The AE reps at BU are always holding giveaways on campus, like the “New Year, New You” event that happened this January at the Fitness and Recreation Center and the “Aerie Undie Gram Giveaway” we had for Valentine’s Day! We’re also busy now planning a ton of upcoming events, like the “Break Away Spring Break Giveaway” (where we’ll be giving away colorful sunglasses and t-shirts) and the “Break into Spring Campus Hunt” (where we’ll be hiding tons of gifts all around campus for lucky individuals to find)! I love working at these events and getting the opportunity to meet all kinds of BU students!

My favorite part of my job, however, is getting free AE gear!  I’ve received comfy American Eagle scarves, flip flops, water bottles, Frisbees, coupons, gift cards and more!  I have to say it’s a pretty nice deal!Lauren 2

But it’s not all fun and games!  The campus representatives are also responsible for creating and executing a marketing plan.  Although this can be difficult, learning about what it takes to make a marketing plan is an important skill that will definitely help me in my future career!  This opportunity has given me the chance to get real event planning, marketing, advertising and promotional experience.  The time commitment hasn’t been too overwhelming so far, and this job looks great on my resume too!  I definitely suggest that students, especially those majoring in Public Relations, Advertising or Mass Communication, look into getting campus representative positions!  You can go to the BU Career Link or the Job Board Listing on Student Link to check for any new opportunities!