1930’s & Earlier

Player COL Year Player COL Year
William J. Hardiman SMG 1939 Frank J. Collins SED 1935
Carlton P. Chandler SMG 1938 Lawrence J. Lucey SMG 1935
John Albert Chisholm SMG 1938 Ralph N. Blakeman SED 1934
Robert C. Gibson SED 1938 Bernard V. Dill SMG 1934
Harold Glaser SMG 1938 Fred A. Garabedian SMG 1934
Paul T. Hendrick SMG 1938 Wade R. Habeeb SMG 1934
John E. Quinn SMG 1938 William F. O’Connell GRS 1934
Harry Cleverly SED 1937 John E. Ulman SMG 1934
Charles A. Ferraro SMG 1937 Arthur J. Wilson SMG 1934
Darius M. Kelley SMG 1937 Raymond E. Campion SMG 1933
Eugene Montchal SMG 1937 Herbert J. Semino SED 1933
Rodney J. Morin SMG 1937 Robert A. Wilson SMG 1933
Carmelo C. Saladino SMG 1937 Vincent P. Coyne LAW 1930
Vincent R. Sandercock SMG 1937 Alfred Spitzer SMG 1929
Bertram L. Cowan SMG 1936 Morey Kontoff LAW 1925
William E. Croke SMG 1936 Mickey Cochrane SED 1924
John E. Frost SMG 1936 Michael J. Sullivan 1889
Albert Shiff SMG 1936 Jeremiah Hurley 1888
Leo Soltz SMG 1936

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  1. Are there records of the 1920s BU baseball rosters? My great-grandfather played with Mickey Cochrane and I was hoping to find some evidence of that. Thanks!

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