Player COL Year Player COL Year
Alan Blumsack ??? 1959 Theodore Barlas COM 1954
Pete Brosca ??? 1959 Stephen H. Barmakian GRS 1954
Larry Creighton ??? 1959 Warner J. Bergh COM 1954
James L. Courville SED 1959 Michael A. Bobrowiecki SED 1954
James E. Girouard SED 1959 Raymond Judson Buell Jr. SED 1954
Thomas J. Griffin SED 1959 Nicholas J. Cutrules COM 1954
Chuck Fiorino ??? 1959 Donald R. DeFeudis COM 1954
Marvin R. Hurwitz CAS 1959 Frederick J. Fahey COM 1954
Gordon F. Keith SED 1959 William E. Flynn Jr. SED 1954
Paul A. Kelly SED 1959 Norman T. Laakso SED 1954
Raymond L. Killian Jr. SED 1959 Lewis W. Pollack SED 1954
Joe O’Hara ??? 1959 Donald E. Russell SED 1954
James Palavras CAS 1959 Ralph B. Smith Jr. PAL 1954
William H. Possiel SMG 1959 Mario A. Zanetti CAS 1954
William J. Stone SED 1959 Victor P. Caliri SED 1953
Hank Webster ??? 1959 Harold N. Chefitz CGS 1953
Robert J. Welch SED 1959 Paul M. MacDonald SMG 1953
Edward E. Asaley SED 1958 Paul F. McBride SED 1953
James Winslow Bates SMG 1958 Frank T. Parrish Jr. SMG 1953
Robert L. Clark COM 1958 John A. Poce CAS 1953
Jack DeCelles ??? 1958 Donald Pratt SED 1953
John E. Dunn SED 1958 John F. Reagan SED 1953
Morton A. Glazer CAS 1958 Richard J. Walsh SED 1953
Alfred R. Kelman COM 1958 Francis J. White CAS 1953
Nathan H. Koppel SED 1958 Robert F. Barrett III SED 1952
Marshall Krasnow CAS 1958 Hank M. Bridges SMG 1952
Peter B. Lattimer SED 1958 Douglas Dunlop Campbell CGS 1952
Don MacLeod ??? 1958 Michael R. Corcoran SED 1952
Norman B. Perkins SMG 1958 Jerome T. Denning CGS 1952
John Samo ??? 1958 George P. Faulkner Jr. SED 1952
Tom Sealese ??? 1958 Lootfi M. Gayzagian COM 1952
Thomas E. Smith SED 1958 Lawrence A. Hurd SMG 1952
Joseph E. Spuria CGS 1958 James T. Lyons SED 1952
Armand J. Veneziano CAS 1958 John William Lyons SED 1952
Roger D. Warren SED 1958 Richard W. Preston SED 1952
John M. Alberini SED 1957 Robert C. Rier SMG 1952
Samuel A. Atter COM 1957 Leon Abner Sedar SED 1952
Carl Cohen SED 1957 Leonard A. Silveira SED 1952
Leonard G. Dempsey SED 1957 Robert W. Summers SED 1952
Charles J. Fiorino SMG 1957 Chester L. Taylor Jr. SED 1952
Jerry F. Fitzgerald SED 1957 O. William Alberti Jr. SMG 1951
Jim Fleming ??? 1957 Robert P. Bell SED 1951
Joseph B. Garb SMG 1957 Nelson J. Bilodeau SMG 1951
Donald K. Hannable SED 1957 James D. Blunt DGE 1951
Baxter O. Hargrave COM 1957 Mario L. Casali SED 1951
Edward B. Keyes SED 1957 Armand R. Decker CAS 1951
Bob Lewis ??? 1957 Robert J. Dupuis Sr. SED 1951
Philip A. O’Connell SED 1957 Martin C. Finnegan SED 1951
Frederick A. Peterson SED 1957 Peter J. Folino SED 1951
Melvin H. Pollack SED 1957 David S. Friedman SMG 1951
Irwin B. Singer COM 1957 Edward J. Garabedian SMG 1951
Joseph J. Verscharen SMG 1957 James F. Hamlin SMG 1951
William R. Wenzel SED 1957 Walter E. Kohanek CAS 1951
Richard G. Biernacki SMG 1956 George W. Masters Jr. SED 1951
John E. Garrigan SED 1956 William H. O’Donnell CGS 1951
Kenneth W. Hagerstrom SED 1956 Solomon Sherman SED 1951
Morin A. Handell COM 1956 James E. Sullivan SMG 1951
John M. Keese IV COM 1956 Charles W. Tucker SED 1951
Walter M. Lechten SED 1956 Walter H. Anderson SED 1950
Thomas Lerario CAS 1956 Ralph E. Bevins SED 1950
Steven L. Marks SMG 1956 George Francis Boston SED 1950
William J. Meagher COM 1956 Paul E. Chadbourne SMG 1950
Wilson E.H. Moeckel SAR 1956 Alan John Chartkoff COM 1950
Peter D. Nelson SMG 1956 Randolph E. Edwards II SED 1950
Philip George Smith SED 1956 J. Norman Gledhill Jr. SMG 1950
Patsy V. Bucca SED 1955 Gordon P. Grolms COM 1950
John D. Carroll SMG 1955 Francis J. Kelley DGE 1950
Ralph Robert Collins SED 1955 David C. Kripke CAS 1950
Robert W. Crocker SED 1955 Maurice Liverman SMG 1950
Thomas E. Gastall SED 1955 Richard H. Mills SED 1950
Edward G. Hart Jr. CAS 1955 John Lewis Moore DGE 1950
Donald J. Houde SED 1955 Richard L. Morrissey SED 1950
Richard A. Jackson SMG 1955 Robert F. Perry SED 1950
Harris P. Jameson CAS 1955 Leonard F. Piazza SED 1950
John Alexander Johnston CAS 1955 Joseph Patrick Sheehan SED 1950
Arthur F. Perkins SED 1955 Julius J. Vennochi SED 1950
Joseph Thomas Stoico SED 1955 George Winkler SED 1950
Thomas D. Welch SED 1955 Roger McCardell SED 1950
Harry Agganis SED 1954


One thought on “1950’s”

  1. It was really nice to find these articles, and learn a bit more about my fathers sports accomplishments back in the 1950s. I never really got to know to much about my fathers baseball days, except a bit about his time in the amateur league with the local “Hosmer Chiefs”. My father Leonard Dempsey moved us overseas, when I was 3 years old. Where he took up a coaching and teaching job for military dependents in Germany and Italy. Now that I read these articles, I see one thing that stayed consistent for the rest of his life which was winning games. I believe he coached the USMC baseball team, but have not found articles on that yet. I do know that the Chiefs, won an incredible amount of championships. This carried over to Europe, where he coached several sports (who had the most championships in 22 years). He was even offered an assistant coaching job, with the Canadian Olympic Basketball team who he helped out when they were playing warm up games in Italy. The thing is, he did not want to give up his steady Govt Job for something very temporary. Today as I read these articles, it makes me recall the hundreds of trophies under the front porch of his parents home in Medord. Ironically I did not grow up playing very much baseball, it was not a sport for the military schools. It would have been nice to test out the DNA haha. I am sure all the men on these teams, went on to do some pretty amazing things. Thank you for keeping this history up on the internet.

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