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Boston University Hall of Fame

Player Year Inducted
Gordon S. “Mickey” Cochrane 1924 2008
Harry Cleverly 1937 2008
William Tighe 1949 2008
John Nunziato 1954 2008
Vaughn Stedman 1954 2012
Harry Agganis 1954 2008
Tom Gastall 1955 2008
Bob Crocker 1955 2008
Don Macleod 1958 2008
Gerry Leone 1960 2008
Bill Mahoney 1963 2021
Jack Mahoney 1965 2012
Patrick Petrone 1965 2008
Jim Wood 1967 2012
Jack Mara 1968 2020
Nicholas Stipanovich 1969 2020
Tim Masick 1969 2008
Reggie Rucker 1969 2012
Bruce Taylor 1970 2012
Roger Rogowski 1973 2017
Tony Lando 1976 2012
Jack Belsito 1982 2012
Jeff Fisher 1990 2008
Dave Cunningham 1990 2008
Paul Perillo 1990 2008
Dirk Baker 1991 2012
Bob Demayo 1992 2012
Jack Janasiewicz 1993 2021
Chris Auferio 1995 2008

The Boston University Baseball Hall of Fame (BUBHOF) was organized to recognize former players who excelled on the field and /or promoted sportsmanship, coached, or distinguished themselves in baseball circles after graduating from Boston University.
Boston University Baseball Hall of Fame Charter

The BUBHOF is to be overseen  and  directed  by the BUBHOF Committee. It will be funded by the BU Baseball Team through the Friends of BU Baseball Fund , and  its records maintained by the Boston University Baseball Team. This will ensure that historical Team data and photos will be posted on the BU Baseball website and preserved for posterity.

Qualifications for Induction
Candidates must have:

  1. Played baseball for BU for at least two years (varsity and/or club) including his senior year. This qualifier will be subject to review in unusual individual circumstances.
  2. Graduated from B.U.
  3. Distinguished themselves in accordance with the mission statement above. Length of service counts but is secondary to the mission statement.
  4. Have graduated at least seven years ago.
  5. Be of high character.

Nomination Process
Candidates may be nominated by a former player, teammate, relative , coach , or other person who can vouch for  the prospective nominee. The nominating person must be able to provide back-up information to the HOF Committee who will then vette the players’ credentials and vote on induction. Nominations with back-up material should be sent to the BUBHOF Committee.

(For information on nominating players, please contact Jack Mahoney at jckmhn@gmail.com, Tony Lando at Tony.Lando@gmail.com, and Roger Rogowski at rrogorun@gmail.com)

The HOF Committee
The Committee will consist of inductees of the BUBHOF and the Initial Committee . The Initial Committee members are Coach Bob Crocker, Coach Bill Mahoney, Tim Masick, and Jack Mahoney. These people were chosen because, among them, they know and can fairly evaluate everyone who played at BU from the mid 1950s through 1995.

The Voting Process
Any individual inducted into the Boston University’s Athletic Hall of Fame, who meets the “Qualifications for Induction” will automatically be accepted into the BU Baseball Hall of Fame in the next available year.

Once  nominated,   prospective nominees will remain on the ballot for five years or until voted into the HOF.  Because a person has been nominated does not mean that induction will ultimately be gained. At annual meetings, to be scheduled six months in advance, the Committee will decide how many nominees will be inducted that year. Committee members will be able to vote for that number of candidates. The vote- getters will be ranked by number of votes received and the ones above the cutoff amount for the year will be then be voted into the BUBHOF. Ties will be broken by a runoff vote.

The Committee members want to make sure that induction into the BUBHOF does not become watered down. It will be the duty of nominating persons to take this point seriously and the duty of the Committee to ultimately enforce this point. We want those who deserve the recognition to get it; However, we do not want this to become a political process where one person lobbies for another’s nominee in exchange for a return vote of that person’s nominee.

Historical baseball records regarding baseball at BU are lacking. They are there somewhere but it will take time and effort to put the pieces of the puzzle together to give us a true look at our baseball pedigree. The effort put forth by this HOF initiative are intended to give current and future players a look back at some of the fine individuals and players the baseball program has turned out.

Many, many former BU baseball players played professional baseball after their BU careers ended. Many others have shaped young minds by devoting their lives to coaching, organizing baseball activities,  encouraging sportsmanship, and giving an opportunity for youngsters to play, compete, and love the game. We need to honor these people.

Please help to put the pieces together. Looking at the team pictures in your yearbooks could help us compile rosters for each year’s teams. We intend to list all the rosters on the BU Baseball website. Please help.

We are bound to initially miss some players who should be recognized. Let us know if we have. This process is not perfect but it is a start.

Because the recognition of baseball players has been neglected by the University’s HOF for over sixty years, we have a lot of catching up to do. It is for that reason that we will begin by inducting a greater percentage of the players from earlier eras first. Players from earlier eras are ageing and we want to recognize them while they are still able to enjoy and share their honor with families and friends.

Finally, we ask all HOF nominees and inductees to financially support the BU Baseball Team. The BUBaseball Program and the BUBHOF is funded entirely by the players and by donors/Friends. If each inductee and nominee gives  some manageable amount each year it will not only be very appreciated but will be supporting the team we all are, and the HOF process.


The BU Baseball Hall of Fame Committee

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