Homework 1st Quarter

Major Assignments:
Test on Friday 9/25 during Academic Block
Test on Friday 10/23 during Academic Block
Rough draft of lab report: Due Monday Night at 10PM  Oct 12th

Homework 0: Before the first class:

  1. Write me a one-page letter (hand written is fine) telling me something about yourself.  You should hand this in on paper (not electronically). 
  2. Read blog on Introduction to Physics.


Homework 1: Aristotle and Galileo

Learn about Aristotle and Galileo by (and take notes)

Read Blog entry

OR   YouTube Video  

OR   Textbook readings: Chapter 1 on Scientific Measurements (pp 3-5), Scientific Method (pp 8-12) and Chapter 2 pp 21-25 (on Aristotle on Motion, Galileo on Leaning Tower, Galileo on Inclined Planes)

Write Visual Classroom HW on Aristotle, Galileo, and Mass. 
Bring back laboratory fee of $10 checks made out to “Boston University Academy” and give to Gary Garber

Homework 2: Newton’s First Law

Learn about Newton’s First Law AND readings on Mass (and take notes)

Read Blog on Newton #1  and Blog on Mass

OR Watch YouTube Video
OR Read textbook Chapter 2: pp 26 (Newton’s 1st Law) Chapter 4: pp 61-3 (mass and Weight)

Visual Classroom HW Questions on “Inertia”


Homework 3: Net Force

Learn about Net Force and Equilibrium (and take notes)

Read Blog entry on Net Force

OR Read text Chapter 2 pp 28-33 (Net Force, Equilibrium Rule, Support Force, Equilibrium of moving things),

Finish analysis for lab on Mass Experiment using NOTEBOOK. Arrange things in VC as if your NOTEBOOK were a presentation.

Do Visual Classroom HW on Statics